Secret shooting of girl in the shower has ruined the career of a photographer

American model accidentally discovered a recording device in the socket

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Тайные съемки девушек в душе разрушили карьеру фотографа

American woman in the shower filmed on a hidden camera

25-year-old fitness model Zoe Klopfer on the Internet complained publicly at well-known Los Angeles photographer William Francis, who allegedly filmed her on hidden camera naked in the shower. Details of the accident the girl said in his Instagram account.

“I want to share this information to protect other women, because he always works with famous models, celebrities and families around the world,” wrote Zoya Clapper in the description to the post, where he demonstrated the device and the angle, which was made the video.

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The model asserts that accidentally discovered a recording device in the socket in the bathroom. When the model is inserted the camera’s memory card to your computer, she saw that there is stored the roller 241 with her and the other unsuspecting women in the shower.

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This is not the first similar case, earlier “Today” told how French tourist found in hostel hidden camera hidden in a deodorant. In addition, we talked about the passengers of the liner, the sex of which is secretly filmed on hidden camera.

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