Secretary bird annoys the African bustard: video

Птица-секретарь досаждает африканской дрофе: видео

Птица-секретарь досаждает африканской дрофе: видео

Secretary bird annoys the African bustard: video

In Kruger Park tourists again saw the memorable scene of the battle — this time between representatives of the avifauna.

23 APR 2019 19:37


Ashley Dennison (Dennison Ashlea), a student at a South African University in Johannesburg went to Kruger national Park with my boyfriend. His journey they began on the main road H4-2, leading to the Park from Crocodile bridge, the main entrance to the reserve.

Seeing as a few vultures and a vulture soared nearby, the young people decided that there might be something interesting. When they drove up a little closer, it became clear that in the thickets of grass walks of the African bustard, which chased away other birds. The tourists decided to go further, but then the tree flew a bird, a Secretary, and they decided to see how it ends.

The bird behaved quite unexpectedly – flying to the bustard, it opened its wings, trying to scare the opponent, and then began to harass her, coming up and flying away a short distance. Clumsy (compared to the graceful and agile bird-Secretary) bustard menacingly ran from place to place behind the annoying Secretary, but was unable to harm her. After a long-legged bird scared small birds at the end of the video, both birds stopped paying each other attention.

According to the girl, this is a very rare sight. She had seen the bustard and Secretary bird in the Kruger Park, but never seen these birds attack on anyone and certainly was involved in a fight with other birds.

Of course, tourists wanted to know the reason for such behavior of birds, but because of the high grass they could not see what was in the Bush. Ashley suggests that there lay the carcass of some dead animal – because of vultures, which they saw in the early scenes played out.

Kori bustard (Ardeotis kori) inhabits the arid plains of Africa. Walking slowly around the earth, the snow leopard usually looks out for her insects and catches them. African bustard is the heaviest of the existing flying birds (the weight of males can reach 20 pounds!). Her opponent Secretary bird was much smaller.

Secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius) – a clever and fearless predator of the African savannas. It belongs to the order istrebovanii and preys on venomous snakes, are protected from bites his wings and deftly wielding a sharp beak and claws on the feet. The weight of the bird-Secretary-seldom exceeds five pounds.

Let’s see how another African bird fearlessly attacked the big snake.

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