Secrets of skin care face and hair care from the world-famous model

Секреты ухода за кожей лица и волосами от всемирно известной модели

Today Lech Mironova 77 years. The past two years, she’s been quite ill, but does not lose hope of recovery. There was a time when shone on the catwalk and the first model of Slava Zaitsev, tried to capture in the frame photographers fashionable French magazines. Best model of the USSR (such it was recognized in 1967 at the International festival of fashion) Leka Mironova was invited to participate in the parade of the best models in the world, but in the US she was offered a contract with a fee of two thousand dollars per hour.

With Lekeu I met in 2011 at the fashion show of famous Ukrainian fashion designer Mikhail Voronin. Slender, elegant, with great charm she evoked the admiration of those present.

Секреты ухода за кожей лица и волосами от всемирно известной модели

Her fate is not quite easy. It was UPS and downs, happiness and sorrows. A brilliant career was suddenly interrupted after the show for diplomats of the US and the UK in the Moscow hotel “Soviet”. Participants immediately noted the similarity Leckie Mironova movie star Audrey Hepburn. But the American crew was told Lech that has the intention to make a film “Three stars of the Soviet Union”. Heroes was supposed to be an athlete Valery Brumel, a record which jumps nobody in the world could beat for ten years, and ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. The third candidate was Leka. Seeing her on the podium, he exclaimed, “Here it is, the third star!”. Leku Mironov invited to the shooting. She was happy and could not imagine what kind of trouble waiting for her ahead. Waking the Soviet secret service took the model as unreliable under control, she was not allowed to leave. From different countries of the world Leka Mironova received offers to work under contract to participate in prestigious shows, but, alas, it never released.

In the life of Leckie was a lot of love. His name was Antanas. He was a photographer, he lived in Vilnius. Antanas was younger than her eight years, but they loved each other at first sight. Like the tale she recalled their walk on snow-covered Vilnius, the ancient Lithuanian castles. They planned to get married in Vilnius Church. But this did not happen. Antanas was intended for marrying a local girl, Leka began to receive threats… And, fearing for the safety of a loved one, decided to leave without explaining anything.

More so bright love it to anyone experienced, because he preferred to be alone, but not once received offers of marriage.

In an exclusive interview with “FACTS” Leka Mironova shared beauty secrets.

— With Ukraine, I have fond memories, says Leka Mironova. – I’ve been twice in Kiev is a lovely city. Forever etched in my memory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the main street of Ukrainian capital Khreshchatyk welcome and hospitality of Kiev. I was familiar with fashion designer Mikhail Voronin. When he found out I was his age, did not believe. Just a few years ago, I went to the podium and remained almost in the same form as before. With the growth meter and seventy five centimeters weigh just over fifty pounds.

— Share beauty secrets?

— Just to clarify: the beauty never considered. For skin and hair care has always been minimal. Cream used and using only for children. They can remove makeup. But the hair after shampooing, from rose petals to rinse like dry wine. They become silky and shiny.

Now trendy wine and Spa treatments for the body.

— Rinse your hair with a dry wine — this is my personal method. Sometimes hair is rinsed with water with the addition of tincture of chestnut. And feel them come alive. Kiev chestnut trees I said hi and bow! When they bloom, it’s so beautiful. Chestnut is generally considered the elixir of youth. He has so many beneficial properties.

— Have you ever resorted to the services of plastic surgeons?

Never. For me even the tooth removed because I can not tolerate anesthesia. And much of the operations and can not speak. Appreciate natural beauty. I even powder never particularly enjoyed. In my purse, only mascara, eye shadow and chapstick. Sometimes I put pearl on top of it hygienic the shade to Shine. But not doing this every day on special occasions.

— And what will advise from cellulite?

— At me such problems did not exist, and the problem of excess weight. I think it’s in the genes. I have never worked and do not count calories. Ate what I liked, and continue to do so. When I started to work as a fashion model, my mother and I loved to sculpt dumplings and I ate dozens of them. Coming home from work, ate plenty of pies. Loved and love potatoes. No supper, can’t sleep. I love chocolate and cream. In my diet all of this is constantly. Per day can eat three candy bars.

— Incredible!

— I tell you, gene…

— Many women your age are not disclosed. And you?

— I don’t hide how old I am. And do it consciously: when and after seventy continued to go to the podium, my peers thanked me for what I’d like to give it another chance. Indeed, many have long given up. And when he saw me at a fashion show, once again began to follow him.

— It’s so wonderful that you inspire others. And than they draw inspiration?

— Love life and beauty. And if it becomes sad, I think that a lot of people today is much worse than me.

— I sincerely wish you health!

Thank you, I love Kiev.

Photos from the album Leckie Mironova

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