Securing users in public transport, a priority for TaM and the Montpellier police

Securing users in public transport, a priority for TaM and the Montpellier police

Une opération de contrôle a eu lieu ce jeudi entre 16 h 30 et 18 h. ML – LV

Diagnostic. Bilan. Projection. Créé en 2023, le groupe de partenariat opérationnel sur les transports en commun s’est réuni ce jeudi 14 mars à Montpellier.

Noise pollution, incivility, damage, theft, violence, harassment, sexual assault… With its 400,000 travelers per day, the TaM network unfortunately experiences its daily flow of crimes of all kinds. And although the figures for 2023 show that there is a certain stability of delinquency compared to 2022, This does not mean that we should remain with our arms crossed.

Hence the creation, in October 2023, of the operational partnership group (GPO) on securing public transport. A round table, made up of TaM, the metropolitan transport police, the SNCF, the prefecture, the national and municipal police as well as the towns of Lattes and Pérols, which has a triple objective.

Triple objective

"We make a diagnosis: what are the problems ? What are the places and times of insecurity ? What actions can we put in place to fight against these phenomena which ruin the daily lives of users ? And this, all together, in total complementarity."

"Behind, we take stock to find out if the results of our actions are conclusive. Then, we ask ourselves again to find out what we could put in place to be even more effective", confided this Thursday, Marjorie Ghizoli, the interdepartmental director of the national police of Hérault.

Prevention campaign

In the same vein, a prevention campaign, entitled “Calme”, is being displayed across the four corners of the metropolis. "The message conveyed is to say that it is unacceptable for our agents to be attacked verbally and even less physically. We will be intolerant on the subject", insisted Loïc Messner, the general director of TaM.

And to highlight another action that is particularly close to his heart: "We are going to work on harassment and sexual assault. It’s still something that we don’t detect sufficiently. The idea is to draw inspiration from good practices on other networks."

Report sexual abuse via the M'Ticket application

"This is why I will soon be going to Marseille where they have set up an application for denounce these actions. With the support of the Metropolis and the police forces, why not do the same via our M’Ticket application ? It could see the light of day at the end of 2024 or in 2025."

In the meantime, the number of control operations in trams and buses will increase from 100 in 2023 to 150 in 2024 . That’s every other day!

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