Sedokova melted the cellulite and the hearts of the followers: “You fire!”

Седокова растопила целлюлит и сердца подписчиков: “Ты огонь!”

The ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Anna Sedokova often demonstrates its subscribers in Instagram candid photos, which show all the features of her figure. Sometimes the star is criticized for looseness and mocked its shortcomings. Recently, the network was made public a photo which demonstrated the girl of cellulite. Anna Sedokova decided to answer all envious and published a video which shows that she has no problems.

“Sometimes the size of the problem depends on the perspective from which you look at her” – with a hint of signed video Anna, bearing in mind that if the cellulite is, it is not always possible to consider.

In the video Anna Sedokova showed his toned body in a bikini on all sides, then sexually dived into the pool and also alluring out of him. According to the singer, she’s resting now in Turkey with her three children, including daughter Monica, who lives with his father and paternal grandmother in the United States.

Седокова растопила целлюлит и сердца подписчиков: “Ты огонь!”

“What kind of cellulite was it? Why fat? Elegant shape, Everyone would be a problem,” “Baby, you fire!”, “I do not see any flaws, all the girls let him keep his mouth shut!”, “Beautiful! Goddess!”, “The perfect woman!”, — wrote in the comments of the fans of the singer.

Recall the famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who now lives and works in Russia, can not live a day without new pictures in Instagram. Recently the singer posted a very unusual video, intrigued fans. So, the actress sunbathed under the hot sun in Turkey, showing off gorgeous figure in a swimsuit, but suddenly blew stomach pretending to be pregnant.

Previously “Know.ia” talked about the fact that Anna Sedokova posted a very racy series of photos with a young son Hector, who was biting her ass.

Also celebrity had a rest in Turkey, and admitted that then will be free only in November. The artist is a lot of plans: and give concerts, and children in the school to take.

And Sedokova decided that your selfies will be small, so sexually rubbed against the wall, removing it on video.


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