Seduced by Louisiana

Seduced by Louisiana

Better known by his pen name Ian Manook, author of several internationally renowned bestsellers, Roy Braverman completes his famous American trilogy with a must-read thriller. Freeman takes place in Louisiana, during a hurricane of rare violence. And this violence also reverberates in the walls of the house of the boss of the local mafia, with far-reaching consequences.

The story begins in Patterson, Louisiana, when two million dollars go missing from a mob house during a hurricane. During the hunt, a cocktail lover “godfather” will come across a whole gallery of characters, including a rather colorful Armenian debt collector.

Ian Manook, with the same passion for nature writing than in the two previous volumes (Hunter, Crow), takes readers to the heart of a Louisiana bayou. The thriller is punctuated by notes of zydeco, seasoned with spices from the incomparable Cajun cuisine, and marked by the threatening presence of alligators.

Seduced by Louisiana

In this third and final volume of the series, Ian Manook wanted to talk about Louisiana, a dream he had cherished for a long time. “I have always been seduced by Louisiana, as a region, as a landscape, as a culture, and I waited until I had a little experience to try to tackle this territory where James Lee Burke reigns supreme. In terms of writing, I was very tempted to write a detective story about Louisiana. “

He has been there several times, the first being in 1969. “Louisiana is fascinating, because it is a culture that is close to us, to Quebecers and to us. And then, at the same time, it is very symptomatic of what we are experiencing: an erosion of all particular cultures, in favor of a sort of general culture, a little tasteless. “

“What fascinated me was to see how, after the hurricane Katrina, things got worse for Louisiana. The first way is that we realize that the first American climate refugees will be the Louisianans. “

Eroded culture

He also wanted to discuss how, after Katrina, the authorities had prevented the black populations from returning and being reintegrated into the culture. “New Orleans will always be New Orleans. There will always be the French Quarter and the Carnival, but without this deep base of Indian, French and black culture that irrigated the true roots of Carnival. It interested me to put that in the background in a police adventure. “

Nature writing

The action scenes are also excellent and the nature writing color the novel: nature rules the life of the inhabitants, their way of life. “My leitmotif, the thing that I noticed, thanks to my travels, is that nature determines man. Nature has a direct impact on man’s physique, but also on his behavior, his emotions, his way of reacting. This American trilogy, I wanted it as three essays on this reflection. “

And in Louisiana, is it stronger than elsewhere? “My favorite novel is Mato Grosso, which takes place in Brazil, and my favorite thriller is Freeman. The reason is quite simple: in both, we are in a tropical atmosphere. In my travels, even if I have been very marked by mineral atmospheres, as in Iceland, Alaska and Mongolia, I have been even more marked by tropical atmospheres. I think that the humidity, the humidity, the heat disintegrate the feelings of men, their courage, their resistance. “

  • French writer Patrick Manoukian is better known under the pseudonym Ian Manook.
  • He published with Albin Michel the series Yeruldelgger, sold over 385,000 copies.
  • The first opus in the series was awarded the Readers’ Prize of She, the SNCF price for the thriller and the Quais for the thriller.
  • Freeman is the last title of a trilogy published by Hugo Thriller under the pseudonym Roy Braverman (Hunter, Crow, Freeman).


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