See it will not be revived this fall

Le Voir ne sera pas relancé cet automne

The cultural magazine See will not resume its activities this fall and the team of employees will not be rehired.

“Our business model relies heavily on the cultural industry, which is severely affected by the crisis and who will not invest in the project See in the immediate future”, one can read in an internal email signed by Nicolas Marin, president of Mishmash Media, including the 24 Hours has obtained a copy.

According to the email, two people will be layoffs in the coming weeks, and the team of employees will not be rehired in September.

“There is a need for a cultural media strong, and we are not closing the door to restart the project to See it in all forms if market conditions are favourable in the future,” wrote Mr. Marin.

“The recovery plan are promising and ambitious, but it would be relevant as a cultural reference multi-domain request means that we cannot justify for the moment.”

The See was founded in Montreal in 1986 and has long been a reference in the cultural world. It was published as a free monthly paper, but lived only on the web since February 2019.

The magazine is currently owned by Mishmash Media, which also owns The News.

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