Segregated workers: Ontarians can’t lose their jobs

The Ford government will introduce legislation to protect the employment of workers affected by coronavirus who are absent from work.
L es Ontario elected on leave this week, should be back soon in the House to quickly pass the vote.

During a press conference to announce this bill, Ontario Premier Doug Ford urged the federal government to tighten Canada’s borders and prohibit access to visitors.

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. David Williams, says it is still too early to impose more drastic measures, such as closing bars and cinemas or banning hospital and hospital visits. long-term care centers, as the Government of Quebec has done.

The Ontario government also has no plans to declare a state of health emergency at this time.

Health Minister Christine Elliott has not offered a clear answer as to why she is not implementing these measures.

Dr. Williams states that the imposition of social distancing measures is not necessary at this time since the spread of the coronavirus is not yet “community”.

“Most of the cases are related to recent trips. ”

However, Ottawa Public Health said on Sunday that COVID-19 is now in circulation and that it is no longer entirely limited to people who have recently traveled.

However, Dr. Williams asserts that to make such an assertion, evidence is required, and that, for the moment, the investigations of the various cases do not demonstrate community spread.

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