Seizure of heroin and fentanyl in Lachine

Saisie d’héroïne et de fentanyl à Lachine

MONTREAL | An investigation on three cases of overdose occurred in the same apartment building has prompted the Montreal police to seize nearly half a million dollars worth of fentanyl and various other drugs in the montreal borough of Lachine.

The drugs, which included 85,3 g of fentanyl, about 4 kg of cocaine, nearly 1 kg of heroin and 1714 tablets of amphetamine were seized in a housing and a mini-warehouse, on the 14th of July last.

“These drugs would be connected to a network of traffickers independent which operated on the territory of Montréal, including the sectors central and south”, stated the police Department of the City of Montreal by press release Monday, adding that their value is estimated at more than$480,000.

The three cases of overdose in recent weeks, which have led to this seizure, occurred in a residential building in Lachine, stressed the SPVM. “Two residents are subject to charges regarding these offences”, a-t was specified.

This input, in Lachine, is the second largest to have taken place in Montreal for 2017, the year where there was a wave of overdose deaths related to fentanyl in the metropolis.

The previous entry last year had been accompanied by the arrest of 24 people headed by a member of a motorcycle club near to the Hells Angels.

The SPVM has recalled Monday that fentanyl “is a extremely powerful drug”. It is used by traffickers “to “cut”, at a minimal cost, other drugs, including heroin”.

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