Selena Gomez “abused emotionally” by Justin Bieber ? She confides

Selena Gomez "abusée émotionnellement" par Justin Bieber ? Elle se confie

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Selena Gomez abused psychologically by Justin Bieber ? She made revelations about their past relationship “abusive”

Separated from Justin Bieber for 2 years, Selena Gomez has confessed that the song Lose You To Love Me talking about the singer. The american artist has also revealed that their relationship was not all rosy, far from it. She would have suffered “violence physchologiques” on the part of one who is now married to Hailey Baldwin. Saying “victim of abuse”, the star confided.

“I’ve been the victim of some abuse”

10 years ago, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were in a romance with ups and downs. The two stars have continued to put in a couple and separate between 2010 and 2015, before getting back together in 2018, and then to break again in the same year. Since this last break-up, the Bieb’s married to the top Hailey Baldwin.

Interviewed on the NPR (National Public Radio), Selena Gomez is back on the title Lose You To Love Me , which appears on her latest album “Rare”, released on January 10, 2020. She confirmed that the song talks about the canadian singer and confessed that their relationship was abusive to her.

In this tube, “you say good-bye to Justin Bieber who is, I imagine, the one you’re talking about” asked Lulu Garcia-Navarro, what the american artist replied : “You name it, I understand”, but “I finally find the strength. It is dangerous to stay in a victim mentality”. “And I do not say that to disrespect it, I feel that I’ve been the victim of some abuse,” she revealed.

“You want to say the emotional abuse ?” responded his interlocutor. “Yes,” assured the former star of the series The wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel. It would, therefore, have been subjected to psychological violence on the part of those who shared his life.

“I am happy that this is over,”

Selly, as nicknamed by his fans, has apparently struggled to recover since she has spent a lot of time in a psychiatric hospital just after their ultimate separation. “I had to find a way to understand it as an adult. I had to learn to understand the choices that I was doing” explained Selena Gomez always about this abusive relationship with Justin Bieber, “Although it is obvious that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life talking about it, I’m really proud to say that I feel stronger than ever and I’ve found a way to overcome all that with as much grace as possible”.

But attention, the actress and singer is keen to stress that their relationship has also had the good, that there was not that bad. “This is a song everything but hate that said before all that I was experiencing something beautiful, and I must admit ever that it was,” she said, “It was also very difficult and I am happy that this is finished”.

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