Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid is still in the war ? The singer reacts

Selena Gomez et Bella Hadid toujours en guerre ? La chanteuse réagit

Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid is still in the war ? The ex of Justin Bieber responds

Between Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid, the tensions were palpable for several months. The ex of Justin Bieber was out with The Weeknd, and suddenly the top never spoke to her more. But since the sister of Gigi, has separated from the singer, Selly tries to put the pieces together. Except that the star of the catwalk does not seem to want to become friends with the singer. The interpreter of ‘Good For You’ has reacted to the latest rumours of war.

Selena Gomez complimented Bella Hadid… and takes the wind

The former pals Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid were more the type to make slumber parties since that the singer was in a relationship with The Weeknd, aka the ex-boyfriend of the model. Except that since Bella is separated from The Weeknd (again), the former darling Justin Bieber has again subscribed to the account Instagram of the top (at the beginning of November 2019) and try to redo friend friend with the top. But the one that scrolls to the Victoria’s Secret has not, however, (re)tracing the account Insta of Selly and seems determined to stay angry with her.

On a photo of Bella Hadid for Dior, posted on the same social network, Selena Gomez has once again tried to reconcile with his ex-buddy to admit in the comments that it is “dazzling”. A cliché that the main stakeholder was outright deleted in response. According to the majority of internet users, this reaction was a proof of his resentment towards the star of the song.

The website TMZ has even relayed a message from a fan of Selena Gomez, who explained : “She wants to support women. You don’t know how to take things in the right way. In the passage, Miss Hadid has deleted this post”. That was back with the title Lose You To Love Me that had made the fans go crazy and then said “it sucks” with a émoji crying.

The singer goes back on his words

Despite this new and hanging on the social networks, those that are part of the top 100 stars who earn the most on Instagram would not be war. It is Selena Gomez who wished to make things clear, ensuring that the whole history of messages on social networks would, in fact, that a quid pro quo.

In the comments of an article She’s american broadcast on Insta who spoke about the tensions between Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid, the interpreter of Wolves explained that they were misunderstood : “No. I would not have had to speak without knowing the truth. I’m sorry”. “Please don’t be hurtful” she even added, “she is a wonderful person and this was all a misunderstanding”. They have thus made peace.

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