Selena Gomez not talking to the friend who donated her kidney

Francia rice was offended by the fact that Selena doesn’t care about their health

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Селена Гомес не общается с подругой, пожертвовавшей для нее почку

Selena Gomez and Francia rice

Always smiling and harmless singer Selena Gomez stopped to chat with his close friend, who practically saved her life. As you know, in 2017, Selena underwent a kidney transplant, and the donor just made her close friend Francia rice. But, according to sources Radar Online, friends I haven’t seen one together.

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According to insiders, Selena and Francia are not dealing with Oct 2018. The reason for the deterioration of relations was the flippant attitude of the singer to their health. Sources said that after the operation Francia asked Selena, taking care of yourself, and that gave her the word, which later broke.

Also, according to sources, rice found Gomez drank alcohol in the Four Seasons hotel in new York. She noted that recovery after blood donation physically and emotionally has been very hard for her, so she couldn’t through his fingers to look at what makes a singer.

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It is noteworthy that in October 2018 Gomez went to rehab. Then, according to media reports, the star suffered a nervous breakdown. Fans and the tabloids put forward different assumptions: the marriage of ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, a side effect of the surgery, as well as drugs and alcohol.

We will remind, in the spring of 2019 like Selena Gomez has exacerbated problems in the kidneys and she may return to the clinic for extended treatment.

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