Selena Gomez reveals by surprise in the clip “Look At Her Now”

Selena Gomez reveals by surprise in the clip “Look At Her Now”

While Selena Gomez has marked her comeback with Lose You To Love Me, she unveiled a surprise to his fans a few hours after the release of the song. What is it ? The clip Look At Her Now, the new extract of his future album. The ex of Justin Bieber surprises with this single.

After several difficult years, and away from the media, Selena Gomez is now back, better than ever ! The singer will release soon his new album, the first in four years : “Each song is a story that I lived. At this point, I think no one can tell my story better than me“, she confided in a podcast with the Coach brand. His opus is finished, and to the delight of his fans, the ex of Justin Bieber starts at the teaser nicely.

Selena Gomez surprises her with “Look At Her Now”

Selena Gomez has made her grand return to solo with the music video for Lose You To Love Me this October 22, 2019 ! Melancholic and intimate, the song is a ballad of haunting with which the artist tells a relationship toxic that it needs to forget in order to love again. In view of the history, some internet users have quickly thought that Selly made reference to Justin Bieber. The actress has not reacted to this hypothesis, it has preferred to reveal a surprise to his fans : the release of a new clip, the one to Look At Her Now.

Here is my special gift. I created this specially for you. You have crossed with me and I thank you for having encouraged me to be the best“, she confessed on Twitter. Selena Gomez surprises with this title, pop and electro, very different from Lose You To Love Me. The clip, shot with iPhone 11 Pro has nothing to do, we’ll let you discover for yourself in our slideshow.

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