Selena Gomez reveals her new album “Rare”… and will address again to Justin Bieber ?

Selena Gomez dévoile son nouvel album "Rare"... et s'adresse encore à Justin Bieber ?

Selena Gomez reveals her new album “Rare”… and will address again to Justin Bieber ?

More than four years after “Revival”, Selena Gomez is out today “Rare”, his new album comprised of 13 tracks including feats with Kid Cudi and 6LACK. A disc is very personal in that it is not evil to her ex Justin Bieber. Just like Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now, the song Cut You Off would also be dedicated to the canadian singer.

Just as her ex Justin Bieber, who is back on the front of the stage with her hit single Yummy, Selena Gomez made his comeback after more than four years of absence. His comeback began in October 2019 with the pieces Lose You To Love Me and Look At Her Now, the first extracts of his new album “Rare”. Pieces in which it settles accounts with the husband of Hailey Baldwin : “In two months, you replaced us / Like it was easy“, she sings such in Lose You To Love Me.

Justin Bieber referred to in the song Cut You Off ?

Selena Gomez has never hidden that his third album, to the stylish retro and electro, would be inspired by her life and the hard knocks that she has experienced in recent years. The interpreter of a Bad Liar would look once again to Justin Bieber in the his Cut You Off : “I’ve been carrying for fourteen-hundred-sixty days“, some internet users believe that this sentence is a subliminal message dedicated to the canadian singer. It is possible after all, but a Twitter has swayed that it would in reality refer to his 4 years of absence. In any case, Selena Gomez is still very marked by its break with the Bieb’s.

“This album has been a nightmare”

In addition to Lose You To Love Me, Look At Her Now and Cut You Off, the album “Rare” is composed of ten other tracks including a feat with Kid Cudi (A Sweeter Place) and 6LACK (Crowded Room). The best friend of Taylor Swift, we offer a project very different from the previous ones, in terms of style, but also of the beats.

An album intimate, therefore, that has put in the time to see the light of day : “Honestly, this album was a nightmare to record, but in a good way. Two years ago, I thought I was ready. I had gathered lots of recording sessions. I don’t remember too much as it evolved every year, ( … ) One day, I healed and I’ve seen bigger. I think that it allowed me to finish my album, “says Selena Gomez on Spotify.

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