Selena Gomez spoke about his personal life

Селена Гомес рассказала о личной жизни

Selena Gomez in a candid interview with explained why he sold the mansion in Studio city, it belongs to demi Lovato (Demi Lovato) and what will her new album.

“I think right now my life is completely reduced in a very good way. I’m going back to simplicity,” says the singer about the present life.

As you know, Gomez moved to their posh neighborhood in Los Angeles to the small town of Orange. Together with his friend they decided to purchase a comfortable house far from the bustling city. As the girl admits, her longer interested in expensive fancy things, a fancy car and trips to the salon beauty.

Selena also commented on the hospitalization of former best friends demi Lovato:

“All I want to say that this is all very personal. And I would not want to speak publicly about it. I don’t want to. I … I love her. I know her since I was seven. This … is what I say.”

And of course, there were talking about a new album. Selena confirmed that to share new hits this fall. In the song “Flawless” from the forthcoming album beauty Gomez sings about the fact that all people are beautiful and should not be afraid of their weaknesses:

“Despite all your flaws, you’re perfect. You do not aspire to it. I encourage a younger version of yourself. Even when you are imperfect, even when you feel worthless, you are perfect. This song I will sing to the end of his life”, — quotes the singer

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