Selena Gomez tired of the silence and revealed the truth about Bibere: “This is violence”

Селена Гомес устала молчать и раскрыла правду о Бибере: "Это насилие"

today, 10:45

World famous singer Selena Gomez openly admitted to the American journalists why after a relationship with Justin Bieber no one met. Selena said that was “a victim of emotional abuse” by her boyfriend.

This became known thanks to Selena’s statement live on National Public Radio.

Селена Гомес устала молчать и раскрыла правду о Бибере: "Это насилие"

Selena Gomez, Seventeen Magazine

“I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I really felt like a victim that was targeted for a certain kind of violence. I mean emotional abuse. I had a long time to realize what had happened, only growing up, I realized what it was. I had to perform the decisions that I made. The psychology of a victim is very dangerous. I don’t want to spend a lifetime discussing these points,” admitted the actress.

However, the singer added that he let go of the past and ready for the next step.

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“Now I say this and feel strong, I’m proud of myself. I found a way to overcome all this with the maximum charity. I don’t regret anything, because even in painful moments, I find something positive. Such things make me stronger,” shared the star.

In addition, Selena admitted that lyrical track Lose You To Love Me do on the former big love actress, to singer Justin Bieber.

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Znayu wrote, Selena Gomez showed followers a new tattoo in an interesting place: “Unique”.

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