Self-defense “is not illegal,” says Kyle Rittenhouse, acquitted of murders

The legitimate defense & ldquo; n & rsquo; is not illegal & eacute; congratulates Kyle Rittenhouse, acquitted of murder

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The young American Kyle Rittenhouse, just acquitted after having shot two men during an anti-racist demonstration in 2020, justified his actions by congratulating himself that self-defense is “not illegal”, in an interview after this verdict which leaves the United States divided.

“The jury reached the right verdict: self-defense is not illegal (…) It was a difficult journey but we did it . We did the hard part, “Kyle Rittenhouse, who has become the face of a section of the American right, told Fox News.

As a foretaste of this interview with the 18-year-old, who is due to come on Monday night, the Conservatives' favorite channel aired clips where he appears visibly relieved, in a car driving him back from court. Other passages dwell on the nightmares Kyle Rittenhouse says he suffered today.

A spokesman for the Rittenhouse family, David Hancock, later said they were transferred to an undisclosed place.

“They are doing well at the moment, they are in an undisclosed place, they are a family and everyone is delighted,” he told the channel CBS.

Kyle Rittenhouse was on trial for having killed two men aged 26 and 36 and wounded a third, on August 23, 2020 in the town of Kenosha (Wisconsin), with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle he had brought with him to go out with armed groups “protect” businesses during demonstrations against racism. He had pleaded self-defense, claiming to have fired after being chased and attacked by these three men, all white like him.

“If he had been black …”

At the end of a lawsuit that fascinated America and once again highlighted the country's fractures over guns and the Black Lives Matter movement, the twelve jurors of a court in the state of Wisconsin declared it “Not guilty” of the five charges against him, including murder.

“We are still in shock at this result. We can't believe it … he should have taken 40 years in prison, “John Huber, the father of one of the victims, told CNN on Saturday. On the screen, the man held a small cremation urn and a photo, tossing “here is my son”.

“It has always been so (…) If (Kyle Rittenhouse) had been black , he would not have been released ”on bail pending trial, added John Huber.

Several hundred people marched in Chicago on Saturday, behind the Reverend Jesse Jackson, an American civil rights activist, to protest the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, according to local media. “He has the constitutional right to object. He has no right to kill us, “Jackson told the Chicago Sun Times.

” Stop the war on black America, “” Fight white power, “proclaimed Friday of their side in New York the banners of demonstrators claiming to be part of the “Black Lives Matters” movement. Protest marches were also held in other cities, such as Portland where they turned into clashes with police. & Nbsp;

Several stars such as singer Lady Gaga or former American footballer Colin Kaepernick denounced the verdict and Democratic President Joe Biden said he was “worried and angry”, while asking Americans to respect the court ruling.

But on the other side of the political field, his predecessor Donald Trump hailed, still on Fox News, the jury's decision, judging that the young man should not even have been prosecuted.

Pro weapons lobby, “Gun Owners of America,” also promised on Twitter to give Kyle Rittenhouse an AR-15 rifle as a reward for his defense of the “right to be armed in America”.

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