Seniors want a compensation

Des aînés veulent un dédommagement

The lessees of private seniors ‘ residences (RPP) need to be compensated for the services that they pay and that they have not received during the crisis, such as housekeeping.

The Fédération des centres d’assistance et d’accompagnement aux complaints (FCAAP), which supports the tenants of RPA in the event of a dispute with the owners, prepares to receive a “wave” of complaints.

“There are many seniors who are penalized,” said Manon Fortin, director general of the FCAAP.

Credit or refund

In addition to the services that have been interrupted, the tenants no longer have access to the activities offered by the residences that justify often the price of their rent.

“We came here to the middle of life, and currently, we have no access to anything because everything is closed. Everything is confined and the rules are very strict, ” said a tenant seal who prefers to remain anonymous.

In some places, it is necessary to provide for 87 $ a month for the housekeeping service every two weeks for a 4½ which costs, on average 2860 $ (without meals).

Due to the risk of spread of the virus, several residences have suspended this service, although it is always charged.

“When it is specifically provided for in the lease, the law is clear. The resident has the right to a reduction of the rent that corresponds to the service not rendered, ” said Yves Desjardins, president and ceo of the réseau québécois des résidences pour aînés.

Impact analysis

According to Mr. Desjardins, this does not apply to the loss of enjoyment for the non-access to swimming pools, bowling alleys, movie theaters, etc

“As soon as the situation will allow us to have some respite, we will analyze the impacts created by this pandemic, which also include the significant additional costs,” said for his part, Michèle Fortier, senior chief, Communications at Chartwell, which has 184 homes, of which 40 in Quebec.

The government of François Legault has already announced$ 40 Million to help private residences to deal with the issues of human resources and of the supply of protective equipment and disinfection.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the assistance centers et d’accompagnement aux plaintes (CAAP), which are present across Québec, received over a hundred calls

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