Sensation: in the Universe discovered the Earth twin

On planets that orbit red dwarf, can be warm water

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Сенсация: во Вселенной обнаружен двойник Земли

Planets orbiting a red dwarf, theoretically, life could exist

The research team led by the University of Göttingen in Germany, officially announced the opening of a DoppelgangeR Earth – twin exoplanets that revolve around stars of Thegarden. The planet received the designation of Planet B and Planet C are relatively close – “only” 12.5 light-years from Earth.

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Exoplanets has attracted the attention of scientists to the fact that they are in the so-called “habitable zone” – the distance from the sun, where the temperature is sufficient to maintain water in the liquid state, of course, subject to reasonable pressure so it does not evaporate. Also it is the first discovered the “solid” earth-like planets, because up until now were only gas giants several times larger than the Jupiter.

Сенсация: во Вселенной обнаружен двойник Земли

The orbits of exoplanets – blue highlighted “habitable zone”

“Two exoplanets resemble the inner planets in our solar system. They’re both a little heavier than Earth and can be part of a larger system similar to the Solar”, commented on the opening of the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics lead author of the study exoplanets Matias Zechmeister.

However, the similarity with Earth ends. It is important to understand that “twin Earth” for astronomers does not always guarantee the existence of life on the exoplanet. All of the stars of Tegarden, which is a dim red dwarf star, which shines in 100 thousand times smaller than the Sun. The mass of the star is also very small – about 7-10% from solar.

Сенсация: во Вселенной обнаружен двойник Земли

How does the Solar system from the planetary system of the star of Tegarden

One fun feature of planets around stars of Tegarden associated with a specific location. If these exoplanets is reasonably advanced civilization, they are also unable to see the Land that passes across the solar disk, affecting its luminosity – it is in this way detected exoplanets.

However, the probability of existence of life on Planet B and Planet C Teegarden is extremely small. The fact that red dwarfs is actually the ancient dead stars that dropped active shell, a cooling down for trillions of years.

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Because red dwarfs are rather dim, the effective planetary orbit becomes very close to the star. Because of the strong gravity of the exoplanet is facing one side as the result of tidal capture. This situation can cause a difference of temperatures in different hemispheres: on the day hemisphere is always warm (about 25-50 degrees Celsius), and at night the temperature can approach absolute zero. Dense atmosphere, however, could provide some heat transfer to the shadow hemisphere, but this, in turn, will cause strong winds.

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