“Sent me to a knockout” Masha Efrosinina spoke about raising her daughter

The presenter remembered the conversation with her daughter Nana

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"Отправила меня в нокаут": Маша Ефросинина рассказала о воспитании дочери

Masha Efrosinina with her daughter Nana

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina, who recently revealed archival the with her husband and has two children. Recently, the star on his page on Instagram shared a conversation with his 15-year-old daughter Nana. Efrosinina think how to correct common democratic approach to child rearing.

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“Children – flowers of life! And… periodic gap of the brain! Recently, my Nana sent me a knockout: she turned on my finger edify one question, and then said, “you’re a mom, why not present it rough?” Stuffed the lump again, I thought: “but whether this fashionable recent years, the democratic position is to be the child’s friend, to negotiate with him and make from childhood to take responsibility for their decisions only for himself?”, – thought star.

Masha Efrosinina studied literature and came to the conclusion that forcing a child from an early age to take responsibility for your life definitely not worth it.

"Отправила меня в нокаут": Маша Ефросинина рассказала о воспитании дочери

TV Presenter Masha Efrosinina

“This position of parents in relation to children is detrimental to the latter. No, not that it was necessary to return the spanking and corners with buckwheat… But the positioning of the parent as indisputable authority for the child, because the child in it, the authority, and needs”, – said Efrosinina.

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