Sépaq: if you are flexible, there is space

Sépaq: si vous êtes flexibles, il reste de la place

The announcement Wednesday from the reopening of the tourism sector by the minister of Tourism Caroline Proulx has caused a crowding out of the ordinary on the web site of the Sépaq.

All in all, 90 000 people have visited the web site of the Sépaq following the announcement of the minister, the presence of a crowd “quite unusual” for the period of the year.

Nearly 24 hours after the announcement, is it still possible to book? Is there slots available?

“Yes, if people have the flexibility in their destination, their accommodation type and date, it remains the place”, explains the spokesperson of the SÉPAQ, Simon Boivin.

“You need to understand that the purpose of the week, the weeks of construction, the weekends where there are long holidays, it is sure that this is what that first”, he says.


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