SÉPAQ: no strike… for now

SÉPAQ: pas de grève... pour l'instant

The members of the SÉPAQ give a last chance to the negotiation and want to go back to the table. The threat of a strike that has hung is therefore ruled out, for now.

Without a collective agreement since January of 2019, the union representatives and the government had returned to the bargaining table last march. But the pandemic was quickly cut short the talks.

At the end of the month of may, the employees threatened to go on strike on the 24th of June, an option ruled out for the moment, but a statement released by the union indicates that the “threat is ongoing for the construction holidays”.

“It is a possibility, but it provides for the moment a blitz of negotiations with the employer, with the government of Quebec, to be able to hear by the beginning of July, and avoid using extra pressure,” says Christian Daigle, president of the Union of the public service and the parastatal.

“Everything is on the table and we really hope that the employer SÉPAQ will provide decent working conditions for our people, decent wages to cover the cost of the life”, he adds.

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