September 12: what a holiday today, signs of the day and what not to do

Learn about the most important holidays and events September 12 in history

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12 сентября: какой сегодня праздник, приметы дня и что нельзя делать

According to popular calendar today is the feast of Alexander Sytnik

Today, September 12, the 255th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Before the end of the year there are 110 days. Birthdays – Arsen, Gabriel, Grigory, Daniel, Ephraim, Ivan, Makar, Nicodemus, Paul, Alexander, Sawa (Sawa), Spyridon, Christopher, Jacob. World day of the programmer, in Guinea-Bissau celebrate the national day. Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of the relics of the Nobleborn Prince Alexander Nevsky.

“Today,” write what Orthodox holiday, Ukrainians celebrate 12 Sep 2019. In addition, we tell about the most interesting and important events that happened in history on this day, as well as about the main signs for September 12.

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September 12: what holiday and how to spend the day

According to popular calendar today – Alexander Sytnik. This day was called due to the fact that on 12 September it was decided to arrange a loud hearty feast, calling guests and giving them sweets.

Obligatory dish on this day was barley porridge milk, and bread baked from flour of the new harvest. There was also a special ceremony at rush. The next year was fertile, it was necessary to weave one braid barley, linseed and oat stems.

Signs for September 12:

  • The hedgehog gave a hole on the edge to warm winter.
  • Birds circling high on 12 September – the autumn will be warm.
  • A lot of mountain ash in the forest – a rainy autumn.

September 12: the most important and interesting events in Ukraine and the world

  • 1898 – opened in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.
  • 1910 – Alice wells became the first female police officer.
  • 1939 – Moscow football club “Spartak” won the Soviet Union Cup.
  • 1940 – near the village of Montignac in France, was found the cave of Lascaux, the wall paintings which is one of the best collections of prehistoric art.
  • 1958 – specialists of Texas Instruments created the first IC.
  • 1991 – in Kiev on Independence square to dismantle the monument in honor of the October revolution.
  • 1992 – flew in space the first couple – a Japanese astronaut and his wife-an American.

Who was born on September 12

  • 1818 – the inventor of the first machine gun Richard Gatling.
  • 1825 – the Hungarian virtuoso flutist Karl Doppler.
  • 1838 – compiled the first catalog of stars, a German astronomer Arthur Auwers.
  • 1875 – Ukrainian conductor and composer Alexander Kosice.
  • 1897 – French physicist, Nobel laureate Irene Joliot-Curie.
  • 1921 – the Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw LEM.
  • 1961 – French singer Mylene Farmer.

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12 сентября: какой сегодня праздник, приметы дня и что нельзя делать

12 сентября: какой сегодня праздник, приметы дня и что нельзя делать

12 сентября: какой сегодня праздник, приметы дня и что нельзя делать


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