September 2: what a holiday today, omens and what not to do

Learn about the most important holidays and events September 2 in history

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2 сентября: какой сегодня праздник, приметы и что нельзя делать

September 2 celebrate the day of Samuel

Today, September 2, 245 day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Before the end of the year remained 120 days. Birthdays – Memnon, Samuel, North. Today in Ukraine celebrate the Day of the notary. The holiday was established in 2010, according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine.

“Today,” write what Orthodox holiday, Ukrainians celebrate on 2 September 2019. In addition, we tell about the most interesting and important events that happened in history on this day, as well as about the main signs on September 2.

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September 2: what holiday and how to spend the day

According to popular calendar today is the Day of Samuel, who was considered the patron of men. Therefore, on 2 September hostesses tried to cook many delicious dishes and do everything to please her husband. Samuel also asked for good weather in the winter and of the rich harvest next year. It was at this time there were a lot of mushrooms, so the peasants went to the forest to collect them.

Signs on September 2:

  • a lot of acorns on of Samuel winter will be cold.
  • Rowan ugly abundant, the winter is fierce and the snow.
  • the cranes are flying high to the warm autumn.

September 2: important and interesting events in Ukraine and the world

  • 1666 – Great fire of London destroyed two-thirds of the city.
  • 1789 – in the United States founded by the Ministry of Finance.
  • 1794 – on the black sea coast was started construction of the city of Odessa.
  • 1831 – published the first part of the works of Nikolai Gogol “Evenings on farm near Dikanki”.
  • 1889 – earned sea port in Mariupol.
  • 1945 was signed the act of capitulation of the Japanese Empire during world war II.
  • 1985 – the legendary liner Titanic found off the coast of Newfoundland.
  • 1990 in Tiraspol was proclaimed Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, which a year later declared full independence from Moldova.
  • 2000 – introduced the vaccine prototype against AIDS.
  • 2015 – Ukraine has created the national police.

2 Sep born

  • 1811 – Ukrainian poet Ivan Vahylevych.
  • 1854 – the inventor of smokeless powder, the French engineer Pierre Viel.
  • 1891 – Ukrainian poet Pavlo Filipovich.
  • 1908 – the author of the first electrothermal rocket engine Valentin Glushko, whose name in 1994 was named a crater on the visible side of the moon.
  • 1926 – Russian actor Yevgeny Leonov.
  • 1964 – American actor Keanu Reeves.
  • 1965 – professional boxer in the heavyweight Lennox Lewis.
  • 1967 – Ukrainian actor Ostap Stupka.

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