September 5: what a holiday today, omens and what not to do

Learn about the most important holidays and events September 5 in history

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5 сентября: какой сегодня праздник, приметы и что нельзя делать

September 5 celebrate the day of the Holy Luppa

Today, September 5, 248 day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Before the end of the year there are 117 days. The birthday Eutyches and Irenaeus. On 5 September the world celebrates international day of charity. This date for the celebration is chosen not casually, after all, September 5, 1979 died world-famous benefactor – mother Teresa of Calcutta. Today is a holiday designed to attract the attention of mankind to the activities of charitable organizations and of the living conditions of people in need of assistance.

“Today,” write what Orthodox holiday, Ukrainians celebrate 5 September 2019. In addition, we tell about the most interesting and important events that happened in history on this day, as well as about the main signs for September 5.

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September 5: what holiday and how to spend the day

In the Church September 5, revere the memory of the Holy Luppa of Thessalonica. The people Luppa called red bilberry, because at this time Matures cranberries and cranberry. The peasants went to collect the berries, which had medicinal properties and helped to fight many diseases. Mainly it was work for women and children, because men September 5, worked on the collection of oats. By the way, according to the degree of ripeness of cranberries determined by the time when you can mow the oats – if the berry is fully ripe, it is time to harvest.

Signs on 5 September

  • If 5 Sep no morning frost, and the whole of September will be warm.
  • If you Loupe the cranes are flying quietly and quickly, soon to be bad weather.
  • If the cranes fly low – winter will be warm.

September 5: important and interesting events in Ukraine and the world

  • 1698 Peter I established a tax on beards.
  • 1958 – America company “Ampex” introduced the world’s first color video recorder.
  • 1967 – the Crimean Tatars pardoned, but without the right to return to Crimea.
  • 1977 – NASA launched to Jupiter and Saturn, the automatic interplanetary station “Voyager-1”.
  • 1982 – conducted the first space teleconference “Moscow-Los Angeles”.
  • 1905 signed the Portsmouth Treaty, which officially ended the Russo-Japanese war.
  • 1958 – the United States published a novel by Boris Pasternak “Doctor Zhivago”.
  • 2014 – signed by the first Minsk agreement on ceasefire in the Donbass.

Who was born on 5 September

  • 1735 – German composer Johann Christian Bach.
  • 1817 – Russian novelist Alexei Tolstoy.
  • 1870 – Ukrainian military and political figure Vladimir Sikevich.
  • 1946 – the leader of the British band Queen Freddie mercury.
  • 1964 – the Ukrainian Director of documentary and feature films by Sergei Loznitsa.
  • 1976 – Ukrainian gymnast Tatiana gutsu.

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