Sequelae of the COVID-19, three months after his recovery

Des séquelles de la COVID-19, trois mois après sa guérison

One of the first police officers from Montreal to have contracted the COVID-19, is still suffering the after-effects of the disease, nearly four months later.

Edgar Guillen, patrol in the subway of Montreal, has been declared positive for the coronavirus at the beginning of the month of April.

Suffering from a serious form of the disease, he was hospitalized shortly after.

“I went to the intensive care unit. I’ve been two weeks in combat. I followed a very, very strong […]. I was “picked up” really, in the emergency room, the intensive care unit”, he explained in an interview with TVA News.

Mr. Guillen continues his convalescence at home for two months now. He says keep still physical, but also psychological.

“When you wake up in the combat and that we realize what we had gone through, that we realize what we have… Me, I’ve done a pulmonary embolism. It is sure that when you realize that it was blood clots in his lungs and that there may be blood clots throughout his body, we become anxious, we are afraid”, he confided.

The man thanked God and all the staff who treated him at the McGill university health Centre.

And he wished to launch an appeal to Quebecers: “please, pay attention, this is not a small flu.”

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