Serduchka sang powerfully at the “Evening with the Prime Minister Osadchaya”: the spectators of emotion went into labor video

Сердючка мощно спела на "Вечере премьер с Осадчей": у зрительницы от эмоций начались роды, видео

today, 22:37

In the Palace “Ukraine” in Kiev on 13 November was an incredible show “an Evening with the Prime Minister Ekaterina Osadchaya”. Headlining the event was organized by Verka Serduchka. During her songs in one of the fans started labor pains.

Сердючка мощно спела на "Вечере премьер с Осадчей": у зрительницы от эмоций начались роды, видео

Kateryna Osadcha and Yuri Gorbunov

The woman was rushed to the hospital directly from the concert hall.

Meanwhile, during a speech Serduchka, who has not appeared in concerts, introduced a new song in English “Make It Rain Champagne” (translation – make the champagne to gush forth the rain). It was a world premiere of a new hit, recorded at the Studio in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

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Danilko specifically for the show in Kiev brought his world-famous costume with a star on the head, which is kept in the Stockholm Museum of Eurovision. In it he went on stage of the international song contest in 2007.

The track is still not represented officially, so to hear him still in the Amateur video from the concert.

We will remind, earlier Osadchaya lit endless legs at the “Evening Prime”: Carol, Kamensky, Polyakov and Verka Serduchka pleased fresh hits.

Previously “Know.ia” talked about the fact that Nastya Kamensky made self in the mirror and was intrigued by plans for the future. Fans began to wonder what should happen to discuss the strange hairstyle of the actress.

Also Ani Lorak decided to show another self from the machine. Detractors found in the picture not only traces of photoshop and plastics, but also noticed the signs of alcoholism.

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