Sergei Skripal was discharged from hospital in Salisbury

Сергея Скрипаля выписали из больницы в Солсбери

On Friday, may 18, a former Colonel in the GRU, the Soviet Union Sergei Skripal was discharged from hospital in Salisbury, where he stayed from March 4, after the poisoning. About it reports Sky News.

Daughter of Sergei, Julia, who also became a victim of poisoning, was discharged in April. Its exact location on the possession of the British authorities in secret. Apparently, so, too, with her father, especially because Sergey continued to give testimony to British law enforcement.

As already reported “FACTS”, London has formally accused Moscow of organizing poisoning in Salisbury with the use of the deadly chemical agent “Beginner”. The British government convinced the allies that the responsibility for the incident with Kripalani carries Russia. As a result, dozens of countries have expelled Russian diplomats, which was an unprecedented action. In response Russia sent foreign diplomats.

A few days ago, the German journalists conducted their own investigation and found that the formula “Freshman” is known in Germany and several other NATO countries for 20 years. A sample of the toxic substance to the intelligence of Germany was transferred to the Russian scientist defector. His name is not called, because he is still alive and is located in Germany.

This investigation, in a sense, undermines the arguments of the British government about the responsibility of Russia for poisoning Skrobala. In London argued that “Newbie” was known only to Russian experts and manufactured only in Russia.

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