Sergey Babkin burned naked torso

Сергей Бабкин «засветил» обнаженный торс

The musician has unveiled a video for the Ukrainian song “Breathe Paulino”

The singer Sergey Babkin, who voiced the cartoon presented a fresh video for the Ukrainian song “Breathe Paulino”. This is the first clip filmed a solo musician over the past two years, writes the with reference for Today.

Filmed the first video from the new album Babkina “Muzafer” the young producer Yaroslav Korotkov. It took 20 hours of continuous operation, about 40 people at the site, 16 tonnes of water, a team of climbers and pyrotechnics.

The shooting took place in late November in one pavilion, but was divided into several locations, including a huge pool with water, specially designed cloud and the whole sky of lanterns.

Video grandma finds the balance between internal and external: meditation and details that appear next. Sergey says:

“Already very close to the winter holidays, and this track has that special warm, perfect to wrap yourself in a blanket, drink something hot and to enjoy the moment, forgetting about the hustle and bustle. After all, we humans – energy particles universe large stream, which can not be stopped. But you can try to pull myself out of it for 10 minutes and to observe what is happening with us now, “dihati Paulino”. About this video to notice what is around you and be present in the moment. Here and now”.

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