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Talented, charismatic and original Ukrainian singer Sergey Babkin in an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle admitted, who is like the newborn son of Elisha, whether they are with Snezhana fourth child, and what dreams became a reality.

shared part of his soul, opened the curtain of family relations, and said, what is the main message of his new single, “I Wi Adami”.

Listen to the interview with Sergey Babkin:

– Sergey, you recently returned from Italy, where the rest of the whole family. How did you decide to take this step – to take the baby with you on vacation? What difficulties have you faced? Was helped by a nanny or parents?

I know that many artists leave the kids to be together, or they have nannies. We are always together and rely only on their strength. The older children helped a little, but still they rested and bathed and thought about myself. And we are with the pod (the wife of Sergey Babkin Snezhana – Ed.) thought about them and about little Elisha Sergeyevich.

Сергей Бабкин - откровенно о новорожденном сыне, вещих снах и отношениях со Снежаной

Sergei Babkin with the family in Italy

I’m so pleased to talk about what we have to deal with five. We have one nurse in Kharkov, it helps the children, do cleaning in the house, and sometimes we ask her if we need to go somewhere, such as a store, keep an eye on Elisha.

– For someone like Elisha S.?

– Look at us. Women say to me, say nothing of the Snowflake. But when I see it closely, to me it is similar to the three bears. Although, if you relax your vision and look at from afar, it looks just like me.

Сергей Бабкин - откровенно о новорожденном сыне, вещих снах и отношениях со Снежаной

Sergei Babkin with his son Elisha

– What you felt when you first found out about the pregnancy Snjezana? What are your first emotions?

– Funky emotions! I was waiting for, and here came this day. It was so unexpected! But we’ve been preparing for this. Remember SNIA down to the kitchen and shows me a test with two red stripes, “Serge, don’t know how to tell you this, but we have two strips”.

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– And what was the reaction of older children? They are glad that they will have a brother or sister?

– Of course, they were happy and joyful, each in his own way. Vasilina said, “I don’t think I’ll have to wait more than a puppy.” Arthur is glad has a younger brother. They love him very much, Lisp with it.

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– That is about jealousy and even speech can not be?

– No! Jealousy happens when parents just switch on a little and forget about everything. So often. We try to pay each time and in every way to show that we love everyone equally. All equal, all important.

About creativity, inspiration, and release new single

– September 6, you released a new song “I Wi Adami”. The cover to the lyric video pretty open photo – you with Snezhana posing absolutely naked. Whose idea was it and how did you decide to undress completely?

– Yes, I am very glad that it happened. The creative team asked us to undress, but to pose while in a body linen. We with Snezhana decided that we’re not going to pretend like naked. We completely stripped and had a photo session in a forest near Kiev. But it made so much noise in society and even before my mum came. She called to me: “Serezha, what have you done? I have the same heart”.

Сергей Бабкин - откровенно о новорожденном сыне, вещих снах и отношениях со Снежаной

Cover with the single “I VI Adami”

– My mother has not used for many years to your popularity?

– No, she’s not used to and get used!

– What is the main message of the song?

– To be open and honest with each other, to each other and in front of everyone. We thereby show that in life we bare, transparent and do not hide anything.

Сергей Бабкин - откровенно о новорожденном сыне, вещих снах и отношениях со Снежаной

Interview with Ukrainian musician Sergey Babkin

– When waiting for the premiere of the video for the song “I Wi Adami”?

– It will be Ukrainian Director Les Podolyanka. She had to make a video for this song earlier, but we had some breakdowns, and we have suspended work. Now again its renewable and have already painted the idea. Premiere will be held in late September this year.

– Than will surprise on the concert at the October Palace in Kiev, which will take place on October 27?

– You just want to raise other topics and to sing other songs that are and we used to play, but there was an album “Musafer” and we switched completely to him. After a tour of Ukraine, you can determine the most severe moments of our performance and complement the other songs.

– Tell us more about your project Bab’s. In early September came the song “Know-how”. What you want to convey to the audience?

– I am the producer and mastermind of this project. We would like, first of all, from a musical point of view, to try something new, to experiment. I would like to find some new moves, colors, sounds and comparisons with the incomparable. Yes, in our songs addressed social issues, but we want to joke and laugh. And to convey the viewer that we are all the same.

– What inspires your songwriting? You need a special atmosphere?

– It can be anything and anywhere! I can dream song, but this happens very rarely. In my life this has happened only twice. The song “God” from the album “Outside and inside” I had a dream. At such moments, quickly grabbed the recorder, write and go to sleep. It is quiet, because it hurts if its not record.

Сергей Бабкин - откровенно о новорожденном сыне, вещих снах и отношениях со Снежаной

Sergey Babkin

– Snezhana first hears your songs? Was it when something isn’t liked, or Vice versa?

– Yes, definitely! “Brilliant” – she will not hear, and thank God. We have not quoted in the house and in our family. The word “brilliant” to us becomes sick. I always consult with her in all – rhymes, words, phrases, and even clothing. To me her advice is important because she has an incredible sense of taste. And if she says Yes, it’ll shoot. It’s already proven, she’s a very feeling man. She’s having prophetic dreams, and she can anticipate some events.

– Whether Snjezana have dreams that are exactly repeated in real life?

– Yes, many times. Once in Bavaria we passed the bridge, and she saw a boy lying on the rails. And the next day we learned that he jumped off this bridge on the rails and crashed. She saw this moment the day before the tragic accident. Actually, how did the name Elisha? Snezhana I saw in dream a boy who said it and name.

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By the way, an interesting point – the album “Musafer” was released on 1 October, when we conceived of Elisha. It’s not without reason. The name itself is associated with the ball – a rounded tummy.

– Are you planning another addition to the family?

– The more children, the cooler you are! You become more experienced, you know what will happen and what to do now. If to speak about plans for a fourth child, then Yes, I would love a little girl. And you know, what would you name but will not tell (laughs – Ed.). I noticed that very often use this name and it is pretty, but makes not like. Says the old name.

About the relationship with Snezhana

You with Snezhana – one of the strongest pairs of the Ukrainian show-business! What components is your elixir of love?

– Elixir no no! Values. First, we are very suited to each other, we met by chance. We were supposed to meet, it just does not work. But we were always there when she was 9 years old, and I’m 16 and often overlap in different parts of Kharkov. Existed together, but didn’t know about each other. We met not by chance thanks to our friends.

Сергей Бабкин - откровенно о новорожденном сыне, вещих снах и отношениях со Снежаной

Sergey and Snezhana old wives

It is also important in our relationship that we were married. It is very strong. We just went to the registry office! To all, I realize that in my life but her and our Union, there is nothing more valuable. I understand the head, heart and soul. This understanding is very hard to keep a few – I’m living it, I see her, she sees herself in me. I’m her man, she is me woman.

Even heard an amazing phrase: “a woman and a man when they get married or get married, he tells her that from this moment died out to myself, now his life is she. She says the same thing. This is rule No. 1, and it should be. You have to stop living for myself because I used to live for myself. But with the advent of Snjezana my life became very different.

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Сергей Бабкин - откровенно о новорожденном сыне, вещих снах и отношениях со Снежаной

Сергей Бабкин - откровенно о новорожденном сыне, вещих снах и отношениях со Снежаной

Сергей Бабкин - откровенно о новорожденном сыне, вещих снах и отношениях со Снежаной

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