Sergey Babkin showed what sport is best on a cold day, only for the extreme

Сергей Бабкин показал, какой спорт лучший в морозный день, только для экстремалов

today, 19:23

Famous Ukrainian singer Sergey Babkin often shares with fans new photos to Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put up a funny photo, which instantly raised the spirits of his fans. So, the actor was posing in the locker room after the morning dives, which they practice with their children. He also diligently engaged in other sports: Jogging, Cycling, yoga.

“Behind the scenes of the morning dives.
Pantry quick meetings and wet swimming trunks.
Mecca disputes, jokes, swearing and abuse
And then the memory of frozen stalls”
SB, “wrote funny verse Babkin. Followers were delighted: “Beautiful🔥🔗”, “You mega positive😅 keep👍))”, “Dive up! 😂 ❤ this😂”. It should be noted that at the Baptism on December 19 in cold ice-hole diving almost all seasoned family members: Sergei himself, the son of Arthur and the daughter of Veselin and his wife Snezana and 7-month old Elisha from such “festivities” abstained.

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Сергей Бабкин показал, какой спорт лучший в морозный день, только для экстремалов

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