Sergey Babkin told why he decided to shave his beard

The actor admitted, for what went on such changes in the image

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Сергей Бабкин рассказал, почему решил сбрить бороду

Sergey Babkin

Sunday, April 28, the TV channel “Ukraine” will show the big concert “Spring music platform”, which will be attended by famous Ukrainian artists. Behind the scenes, the artists shared interesting news – in particular, the musician Sergey Babkin admitted, why did you decide to cardinalini changes in image.

On the set of “Spring music platform” many do not immediately recognize the famous musician, because he decided to get rid of… from my own beard, which has become part of his image.

“I did this morning, before filming, shaved machine. Then glued the beard, looked at me, filmmaker… We looked at different options, what a beard is more fun. Movie.. I will tell About it later, let me just say that it’s a historical drama, I have a cameo role, but what? Don’t want to tell you want to then there was a wow effect,” admitted Sergey Babkin journalists of TV channel “Ukraine”.

Сергей Бабкин рассказал, почему решил сбрить бороду

Sergey Babkin Photo: press-service

In addition, the artist will surprise the audience of the channel “Ukraine” an extraordinary performance on the stage:

“This time the highlight of my room that first ever go on stage without a guitar: microphone, I the song. No ballet, no backvocal… All used to – and I myself – that I’m always with the guitar, and here I was “naked”. This is a very unusual and exciting”.

But Sergei Babkin, spring mood off the stage “Music platform” with the viewers of channel “Ukraine” will share Oleg Vinnik, ALEKSEEV, TAYANNA, Michele Andrade, Alyosha, Svetlana Tarabarova, Zlata ognevich, Olga Cybulski and many other artists.

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We also reported that Sergey Babkin again will become a father.

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