Sergey Pritula severely ridiculed Lazarev

Popular Ukrainian TV presenter commented on the performance of the Russian artist

Vladimir Grisyuk

Yesterday, 23:55

Сергей Притула жестко высмеял Лазарева

Sergey Pritula

The Ukrainian commentator for the live broadcast of the Eurovision song contest 2019 Sergey Pritula rigidly ribbed Sergey Lazarev, representative of Russia at the Eurovision song contest.

“Say, that Sergey Lazarev bad formulation. I think he could win we have, for example, at the competition “Young Galicia”, – boldly commented on Sergey Pritula room Russian artist.

This is not the first time a popular Ukrainian TV host full of jokes live. Earlier “Today” wrote that the entertainer made fun of the song Duo from Slovenia Zala Kralj & Gasper Santl, who still managed to get into the top ten participants in the first semifinal of the Eurovision song contest 2019. “If this song won the national selection, what were those worse?! You know when Andrey Danilko said that the song KHAYAT at the National selection he wanted to make some tea, I enjoy this composition I wanted to give the Slovenian Duo money for the wedding,” laughed Pritula.

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In addition, a few days ago TV presenter posted in Instagram a short video-a parody of the fans of Eurovision. Video quickly gathered more than 300 thousands of views and hundreds of likes.

Earlier “Today” reported, who made the finals of the Eurovision song contest and also who is the favourite. Recall that the final of the international Eurovision song contest 2019 was launched in tel Aviv on Saturday, may 18. On a Grand stage there will be 26 participants.

Let’s remember why Ukraine takes part in the Eurovision song contest 2019:

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