Sergey Pritula was back in the hospital

Ukrainian leading had surgery

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Сергей Притула снова попал в больницу

Sergey Pritula

Two months ago, the popular Ukrainian leading Sergey Pritula, who warmly congratulated his daughter’s birthday, there was an unpleasant incident, namely a complex leg fracture and torn ligaments. And it is in the midst of the shooting season.

Sergey Pritula frankly told him what his father died. The details are in the video:

Sergei did that for a while he could only move with crutches. On the set of the host even made a special wheelchair with a joystick. Then Sergei admitted that he still had time to go to the hospital to be removed from the legs of iron screws.

On the days leading again had surgery. He said this on his page in Facebook.

“Well, I hope I never see you! Iron in the body become less calcium and more! All good health and good weekend!”, – wrote Sergey Prytula.

Ahead of the Ukrainian star is waiting for a period of rehabilitation.

Earlier Sergey Pritula first told the details of a serious injury. Ukrainian showman admitted, for which he was beaten by the father in childhood.

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Сергей Притула снова попал в больницу

Сергей Притула снова попал в больницу

Сергей Притула снова попал в больницу

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