“Serious problems…”: Martirosyan blabbed about the main secret Zelensky

"Серьезные проблемы...": Мартиросян проговорился о главной тайне Зеленского

Garik Martirosyan, photos Rambler

today, 17:28

Recently, the famous Russian comedian and star of Comedy Club Garik Martirosyan told why stopped to chat with a friend and the current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. About this celebrity admitted during a YouTube show, “the Macarena.”

Therefore, leading Karen Adamyan asked Martirosyan, one of the celebrities he has number in his own phone. On this Garik told that Zelensky.

“I have a number of Vladimir Zelensky. This is the biggest star from the world of show business and the world of politics. At least this year. So Vladimir became President this year, and it was resonant news.”

"Серьезные проблемы...": Мартиросян проговорился о главной тайне Зеленского

Vladimir Zelensky, UNIAN

After that, the host asked, and after Zelensky became President, Martirosyan sent him a TEXT of congratulations?

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“No. I am an adequate person. I understand that many years have passed since the WHC. Moreover, it is a very busy man. What with the fact that he played with us once in KVN. This does not mean that he now has a lifetime in this regime to exist. He now has serious problems with the guidance of a huge country, and even take the 10 seconds it would have been very inadequate,” concluded the comedian.

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