Servian Boujan won his ticket for the final of the French Federal 3 championship

Servian Boujan won his ticket for the final of the French Federal 3 championship

Tout un club en liesse derrière l’équipe de Servian Boujan.

Les Héraultais ne voulaient pas s’arrêter en si bon chemin, engagés ce dimanche 23 juin en demi-finale du championnat de France de Fédérale 3. Mission accomplie sur le terrain de Saint-Lys où ils ont battu Vergt 37-15, direction la finale le week-end prochain contre Saverdun.

They wanted this final, the Héraultais. It was done after the clear victory against Vergt. The meeting started with a lot of offensive pressure from the Vernois, who then fell to the provocation at all costs. Servian Boujan did not lose his composure and scored a first try thanks to Lirenzo.
Anthony Diaz, referee of the match, blew the whistle, and Camacho took the penalties. The tension on the opposing bench rose again. We then witnessed a dramatic turn of events. Following repeated insults towards the refereeing body and the federal representative, the man in black took out a red card to the attention of Thierry Labrousse, Vern coach. Which effectively led to the expulsion of a Périgord player, the second row Colson in this case, reducing Vergt to 14 for the end of the match.
At the restart, Camacho continued his festival, while Marc added a try in force on a carried ball. Vergt did not let go, Ake reduced the score, before Camacho, definitely having a great day, added a nice rogue try. The end of the match was messy. Vergt was rewarded with a penalty try on a penetrating group collapsed by the SBR, a few more cards fell, before Camacho put the final point with a 6th penalty. Players and supporters could commune in the same emotion and intense joy. See you in the final against Saverdun, winner of Villeneuve sur Lot (15-13) in a week.

Technical sheet:
At Saint-Lys, municipal stadium.
Half-time: 14 to 3.
Referee: Anthony Diaz.
For Servian Boujan : 3 tries from Liranzo (17th), Marc (54th), Camacho (76th), 2 Camacho transformations (54th, 76th)& nbsp;; 6 Camacho penalties (2nd, 20th, 23rd, 42nd, 47th, 80th).
3 yellow cards.
For Vergt: 1 Ake try (64th), 1 penalty try (75th), 1 penalty from Lozeille.
1 yellow card, 2 red cards.
Servian Boujan : Camacho – Liranzo, Molina, Saumade, Viala – (10) Cabrol – (9) Arcas – Saving,
Munoz, Pendaries – Amigo, Light – Vandycke, Trindade (cap), Marc. Then Discourt, Ber, Cousien,
Landron, Antunez, Pau, Garriguenc.


Kitou Cabrol, fly-half: "I’s having trouble playing; speak as the emotion is strong. We old guys promised ourselves two things: to come back, and also to take our revenge on this semi-final lost two years ago. We lived through some very tough times, we came out of it together, and victory only tastes better.

Quentin Camacho, scrum half: "It’is & It's huge, I don't think we realize it. We knew how to be patient, not get nervous, stay focused on our game, and çit paid off".< /p>

Max Santa, co-president (with tears in his eyes): "We've wanted her since At the start of the season this finale, we're never really hidden. And I assure you that we will play it to win.

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