Services airlines: Provincial Airlines is ready to take over

Dessertes aériennes: Provincial Airlines prête à prendre le relais

The private carrier, Provincial Airlines would like to take the relay to the Air Canada regional service suspended in the controversy at the end of June.

The aircraft of the company based in the Maritimes fly to Quebec for 10 years and serve already the airports from Mont-Joli, Sept-Îles and Blanc-Sablon, Bagotville, in addition to those of Quebec and Montreal.

Its director of business development, Tommy Desfossés, don’t hide it: Provincial Airlines wants to expand in Quebec.

“It was already a market that was intended. The departure of Air Canada, it just adds to it, but there was already an interest to come”, he said.

The company supports to be ready now to serve even more of the regions of Quebec, and his approach slice is clearly that of Air Canada.

“I think that we have a business model that is completely different. We, our specialty, is to make regional”, illustrated Tommy Desfossés.

This message is very well received in the East-du-Québec, which has had years of troubles with Air Canada until such time as the airline abandons completely the region on the 30th of June last.

“What we want is to have partnerships with those who already offer services in the middle. One wants to think about the best way to do that,” explained Bruno Paradis, president of the regional Airport, Mont-Joli, Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Provincial Airlines also saw a very good eye on the project Régionair initiated precisely by the leaders of the regional Airport, Mont-Joli. Régionair would be a governed owned and operated by the municipal world, but that would be dealing with the air services from private carriers.

“We met the people of Régionair, this is a project very creative, which is extremely interesting,” said Tommy Smith.

The project Régionair would be profitable from its first year of operation, according to its promoters, to reassure a private carrier and potential partner business as Provincial Airlines.

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