Seven amazing revelations: Ginette Reno reveals herself like never before in her autobiography

Seven amazing revelations: Ginette Reno reveals herself like never before in his autobiography


Love, family, health, career, spirituality… Ginette Reno reveals herself like never before through the pages of her first autobiography, available from today. After reading the book, Le Journal identified seven major revelations of the singer. 

1. She suffers from Stein-Leventhal syndrome

In the chapter A big puppy, Ginette Reno opens up about the Stein-Leventhal syndrome she suffers from. This disorder is notably “responsible for multiple strange inconveniences”, including an “unquenchable libido” and pronounced hairiness. 

“As I have very short menstrual cycles, and the level of estrogen in the blood skyrockets during the first days of the period, I feel very irritating influx of desires…”, specifies the singer. 

2. Father Sablon's moment of weakness

Ginette Reno had lovers. Her “twelve apostles”, as she calls them. But the man with whom she exchanged “the longest kiss” of her entire life was none of them, but Father Marcel de la Sablonnière, says Father Sablon. 

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“J I was very close to Father Sablon. A little too much perhaps,” admits the singer in her autobiography. 

This surge of affection established by the monk took place after a dinner at Ginette Reno's, in Saint-Hilaire . By her own admission, she had forgotten that he was a priest. And so does he, obviously.  

3. Hearing problems

Ginette Reno's hearing deteriorated from her first pregnancy, to the point where an otolaryngologist was ready to “prepare [a] certificate of deafness”. At 24, she underwent a first operation to remedy this. Then a second, without success. It was finally thanks to the wearing of hearing aids that the singer regained her hearing. 

“I am not suffering from my deafness. I am living with. I am in action with. It’s an imperfection that makes me grow,” she says.

4. She refused to play in a movie in Hollywood

The great Lee Strasberg, once director of the prestigious Actors Studio in New York, opened the doors of American cinema to Ginette Reno in him offering a part in a movie… which she immediately turned down. 

“Big as I am, I'd take the whole screen!” she remembers answering him. 

No matter how hard he tried to convince her, Ginette Reno was categorical. The Great American Dream never materialized.  

5. “Satan was staring at me! »

Ginette Reno claims to have met the devil during a retreat at Domaine La Solitude in Sainte-Françoise-de-Lotbinière, in the Centre-du-Québec region. Alone in her chalet, deprived of electricity and comfort, the singer saw her fears emerge from the darkness in the form of the “face of the devil”. 

“I am looking for the words to describe it to you. I will never find them. There are no such scary words in my vocabulary,” she says. 

6. The birth of I'm hungry

It was on the tablecloth of a Parisian restaurant, in the early morning, that was born the song I'm hungry. Sitting at a table with Serge Lama, his wife, Alice Dona and a friend, Ginette Reno saw the dishes and bottles of alcohol piling up in front of the five guests. 

” A blow. Two, three knocks. Why count? Countless… There are more bottles on the table than senators in the Senate! Me, I don't drink. Oh… it's not difficult: I'm not thirsty. I'm hungry ! she recalls. 

Impressed by Ginette Reno's appetite, Serge Lama immediately scribbled down the lyrics. The music, signed Alice Dona, would come a few days later. 

7. His fudge

Ginette Reno admits it: she does not have the recipe for happiness. But on the other hand, she has that of the “gift of God”: the sugar cream from her grandmother, Deliah, which she shares today with her readers. Bon appetit!

The autobiography Ginette and the album It's All Me are on sale starting today.


A stormy marketing

Seven amazing revelations: Ginette Reno reveals herself like never before in her autobiography

Photo provided by Nicolas Lemieux Nicolas Lemieux, producer

At the heart of a storm since the announcement of the release “outside bookstores” of Ginette Reno's autobiography, producer Nicolas Lemieux n have no regrets. “I am convinced that I made the right decision,” he says.

The businessman admits that he expected his initiative to react. Nevertheless, he finds the proportions reached by this whirlwind in which he is immersed “totally exaggerated”. 

Let us remember the facts: Nicolas Lemieux chose to launch Ginette Reno's autobiography in exclusivity in Jean Coutu Group stores. This decision, taken with the singer, was roundly criticized by various members of the literary community, including the Association des libraires du Québec. 

The latter, however, declined the interview request of the Journal

“Very great respect”

Nicolas Lemieux insists on the fact that he has “very great respect” for the profession of bookseller . It is rather the usual stages of book marketing that he describes as “archaic”. 

“The book industry has evolved enormously with new technologies and new ways of TO DO. So, I sincerely believe that we must modernize the book chain which has become archaic”, he thinks. 

The producer assures in the same breath that he has not closed the door to booksellers. However, they must accept the stricter conditions imposed by Nicolas Lemieux, reducing their profit margin and forcing them to pay themselves to return unsold items.

“They can order copies< /em> of the autobiography via our website, something that many of them have done. And lots of libraries have also ordered their copies,” he says. 

As for Ginette Reno, she said she was satisfied with this procedure in an interview published in Le Journal, last weekend. 

“It is very expensive to return these copies, so I am very happy with the agreement we have developed with Jean Coutu. And people go to the pharmacy more often than to the bookstore; when they get there, they will see a display with my album and my autobiography. I think it's going to be okay,” she explains.