Seven biographical films that sparked controversy upon release

Seven biographical films that sparked controversy upon their release

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The controversies surrounding the release of the drama The Gucci Saga and that of comedy Aline remind us how popular biographical films are among the loved ones and family members of the person concerned. Here are seven biopics that sparked controversy when they arrived in theaters.

Dreamgirls & nbsp;

Dreamgirls While one of the best musical films to hit theaters over the past 15 years, this adaptation of a Broadway musical loosely based on the Supremes’s journey had not escaped criticism often reserved for biographical dramas. Singer Diana Ross, former leader of the legendary girl group, notably cast a shadow over the film's release by declaring that she categorically refused to see it, even though her character was not played by anyone other than Beyonce Knowles. .

Steve Jobs & nbsp;

Even though it was directed by renowned Danny Boyle ( Trainspotting ) and scripted by the excellent Aaron Sorkin ( The social network ), this film-portrait of the Apple co-founder was greeted very badly by the family and relatives of Steve Jobs. Deploring that the drama presents her ex-husband as a “cruel and inhuman” person, Jobs' widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, even tried to have the feature film banned from being released in the United States in October 2015.

Nina & nbsp;

By agreeing to play the legendary singer Nina Simone on the screen, the American-Dominican actress Zoe Saldana was far from suspecting that she would be bombarded with attacks on social networks because she had “too much skin”. claire ”for the role. And that's just one of the many criticisms she had to endure when the film's very controversial release in 2016. Even Nina Simone's daughter added more by saying that she would have preferred to see a black actress play her mother. on the big screen. & nbsp;

Grace of Monaco & nbsp;

A few days before its opening screening of the Cannes Film Festival in 2014, this biographical drama starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly was demolished in unison by the three children of the Princess of Monaco. In a joint statement, Albert II, Caroline and Stéphanie of Monaco had castigated the production, deploring that it relates a page in the history of the Principality “unnecessarily glamorized ” and “based on historical references erroneous and questionable literary “.

Dalida & nbsp;

This French drama painting an intimate portrait of Dalida caused a stir when it was released in France in early 2016. The reason? Catherine Morisse, the singer's daughter-in-law, criticized the film for conveying “untruths” about her father, Lucien Morisse, Dalida's first husband. Regretting that the director, Lisa Azuelos, “did not bother to verify the slightest information”, Ms. Morisse had even asked, in vain, the production to add in the credits of the film a mention aiming to underline the fictional aspect of the scenario.

Gerry & nbsp;

If the performance of actor Mario Saint-Amand in the skin by Gerry Boulet was unanimous among the public and the media, at the release of the biographical drama Gerry in 2011, some members of the rocker's entourage were more critical of the feature film directed by Alain DesRochers. While conceding that Gerry was “a good film”, the lyricist Pierre Harel and former member of Offenbach had notably said that he regretted not having recognized “the dark and silent Gerry” with whom he shared years of rock'n'roll. & nbsp;

Dédé travers les brumes & nbsp;

Released in 2009, nine years after the suicide of Dédé Fortin, this Musical film by Jean-Philippe Duval recounting the rise of the emblematic leader of the Colocs (played by the actor Sébastien Ricard) also made certain relatives and collaborators of the singer react negatively. In an open letter, Nicole Bélanger, a former companion of Dédé Fortin, had criticized the filmmakers of having made the singer of the Colocs “more socially acceptable” and “more sortable”, adding that he had been “stripped of his accent from Lac-Saint-Jean ”. As for the members of Dédé Fortin's family, they had agreed to see the film, but specifying that they would not comment on it publicly. & Nbsp;

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