Several cities prohibit the watering of lawns

Plusieurs grandes villes interdisent l’arrosage des pelouses

The lack of rainfall in recent weeks, combined with the heatwave in full swing and in high demand because of telework caused by the pandemic, putting the drinking water supplies of several large cities in Quebec to the test.

Also, these last few days, several municipalities have enacted a ban on lawn watering, for an indefinite period, in order to ensure the supply of safe drinking water for all.

For the time being, the largest city in Quebec, Montreal, has not yet issued any notice of prohibition of watering lawns.

Here is a list of the main cities involved:


Laval prohibits the consumption of potable water for watering lawns until the 23rd of June, at midnight, the demand is too high in these times of drought and extreme heat.


Levis, close to Quebec city on the other side of the river Saint Lawrence, temporary ban on the watering of lawns, except for new lawns and plantations for a period of 15 days of their development. They forbid also the watering of gardens, flowers, shrubs and other vegetation, washing vehicles, cleaning driveways and parking areas as well as to fill swimming pools.


Longueuil prohibited until further order and the watering of lawns, filling swimming pools, washing cars, cleaning, entries, auto, sidewalks and patios, or use of a device of a refrigeration or air conditioning running with drinking water. In the urban agglomeration of Longueuil, and the cities of Boucherville, Brossard, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville and Saint-Lambert joined in and issued the same restrictions.


The City of Quebec banned since last Wednesday, the watering of lawns and the use of drinking water to clean or fill her swimming pool. You may not wash your vehicle, clean parking lots, or external coatings.


Rimouski forbids its citizens to water lawns since 17 June, and this, for an indefinite period. The washing of vehicles and driveways is also prohibited until further notice. The filling of swimming pools remains enabled, once a year.


Three Rivers has issued a notice of prohibition on irrigation, except for the residents already holding a permit for the watering temporary. It is not allowed to wash his vehicle, his trailer, his boat or the caravan. Only hand watering of vegetable gardens and flowers remains enabled, so that the filling of swimming pools is allowed only between midnight and 6 a.m. in the morning.

Note that many other municipalities, less populated, have imposed a ban prohibiting the watering of lawns through the Beautiful Province.

Reduce the consumption

Other cities have not yet opted for a ban, calling instead for moderation in terms of drinking water consumption. This is the case in Gatineau and Drummondville.


Gatineau has not decreed ban itself, but has invited its citizens to minimize their consumption of drinking water, especially in the areas of Aylmer, Hull and Gatineau. This notice issued Friday, affects about 37,000 people in encouraging them to reduce their use of drinking water between 3 a.m. and 9 a.m. and between 18 h and 21 h. “It is suggested to put the laundry, the showers or baths and the use of the dishwasher at other times of the day. The watering, washing vehicles and filling swimming pools are also targeted,” said the City.


Drummondville, like Gatineau, has not banned temporarily the use of potable water for watering lawns, but invites its citizens to limit the amount of water used. It reminds people that there is a schedule of watering according to the civic numbers even and odd. In the same region of Centre-du-Québec, the prohibition of watering also affects the municipality of Bécancour.

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