Several members of the Capitals rewarded

Several Capitals members rewarded


Les Capitales de Québec are guaranteed to finish first in the Eastern Division of the Frontier Baseball League, and already, some members of the champion team have been rewarded by the circuit for this historic season, Thursday. 

Pitcher Miguel Cienfuegos and receiver Jeffry Parra formed quite a duo with the expansion club and received MVP honors at their position. In addition to being voted top starting pitcher, Cienfuegos is the league's gunner of the year, having so far maintained a 1.89 earned run average.

“C' is doubly impressive to see that he won these two titles, all throwers combined! In addition to his performances on the mound, he is also a unifier in the locker room. He can speak three languages ​​perfectly and he has easily won the support of veterans,” manager Patrick Scalabrini said in a statement.

Parra, meanwhile, already has 30 homers and shows a .317 batting average.

“Without taking anything away from Brantley Bell, I really believe Parra should have won MVP,” Scalabrini said. He is not only one of the best hitters in the league, but he also slows down opposing runners on the trails and completely changes the plans of some teams.”

Off the field, Charles Demers has was voted general manager of the year and pitching manager Robert Carson was named best coach of 2022.