Several months after his death, the house of Marwan Berreni, actor of “Plus belle la vie”, was put up for sale

Several months after his death, the house of Marwan Berreni, actor of “Plus belle la vie”, was put up for sale

The home of late actor Marwan Berreni is up for sale. MaxPPP/Capture Leboncoin

A few months after the death of the actor from 'Plus belle la vie', Marwan Berreni, the actor's house, located in Fuissé in Saône-et-Loire, was put up for sale on the Leboncoin website.

Spacious and modern, a "village house"was put up for sale on the Leboncoin site for several hundred thousand euros. This house of more than 200m² is located in Fuissé in Saône-et-Loire. If this announcement has not gone unnoticed, it is not for nothing: it is the property of the deceased actor Marwan Berreni, reports West France.

Resident for several years

The sale of this house was spotted by Lyon Mag. This has a surface area of ​​202m² habitable on 253m² in total, with outdoor land. It is made up of eight rooms, including a master suite with two other bedrooms, but also a games room. It is a notary firm, Paris et Associés, located in Mâcon in Saône-et-Loire, which is responsible for the sale of this property.

The actor, who killed himself last October in Corcelles-en-Beaujolais in the Rhône, had lived in Fuissé for several years. He had purchased the home in 2019, specifies Télé Loisirs. With the photos in the ad, it seems that the ;#39;marwan Berreni's privacy has been exposed since we can still see folded clothes or many other belongings on site.

An accident

On August 3, around 11 p.m. outside the Club 400 nightclub in Mâcon, a vehicle hit a woman who was then with her dog, and then fled. The victim was hospitalized following his serious injuries.

The vehicle involved in the collision was found abandoned in the town of Fleurie, located not far from where the events took place. This belonged to Marwan Berreni, actor in the series Plus belle la vie where he plays the role of lawyer Abdel Fedala.

On Thursday October 19, 2023, Laetitia Francart, the public prosecutor of Villefranche-sur-Saône, confirms that the body found last Thursday October 12 hanged in a house is well that of the actor of the series "Plus belle la vie", according to information from Progrès.

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