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Several provinces are preparing the vaccination of children under 5 years old

Several provinces are preparing vaccinations for children under 5


After getting the green light from Health Canada, provinces will be able to offer appointments by the end of the summer to vaccinate children under 5.

Several announcements were made hours after Health Canada's decision to approve vaccination of children under five with Moderna's SpikeVax, Global News reported.

< p>In this case, Alberta estimates that it will be able to administer vaccines to children under the age of 5 starting at the end of July.

For its part, Nova Scotia plans to begin the vaccination in early August, noting however that the quantity of vaccines will be limited at the start. Additional appointments will be offered as additional doses are delivered.

Saskatchewan has advised that it is preparing for the under-five vaccination to offer appointments as soon as possible . A first supply should be available on July 18.

Also, Ontario should receive its first shipment next week.

Remember that Moderna's SpikeVax vaccine can be administered to children between the ages of six months and five years.

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