Several serious accidents in the region

Plusieurs accidents graves dans la région

Accidents are multiplied in the East-du-Québec during the first week of the vacation of the building, while the pandemic has prompted vacationers to flee to the regions of la Belle Province.

The second week of the construction has only just begun, but the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) said that he was already ” very busy “. Particularly in the regions of Bas-Saint-Laurent and the Gaspé peninsula, where no less than eight severe accidents have been observed.

Since last Monday, four people are died of their injuries in these sectors, while five were seriously injured. Two individuals are still struggling for their lives at the time that it is.

Fatal Accident

In addition, the north of the St. Lawrence river has also been the scene of a serious accident, yesterday morning.

A woman of fifty years, a native of Ontario, and probably in vacation in Quebec, died in a lurch in Charlevoix-est.

Passenger on a motorcycle, she was ejected when the driver lost control of his vehicle before hitting a guardrail on route 170 in Saint-Siméon.

More travel

“It is certain that the period of the construction holiday is a very busy period. There are a lot of travel in the regions of Québec, which creates a number of collisions increased “, explains the spokesman of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), Anik Lamirande, concerning this wave of accidents in the last few days.

Well aware of this phenomenon, the provincial police is trying to be more present during this period, either on the road network, but also in the trails and on the water.

“Use caution on the road at all times, but particularly during the vacation of the building,” says Ms. Lamirande.

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