Several speeding in a few days

In a few days, the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) had to calm the fervor of crazy driving on roads in the region. Large fines were handed over.

The SQ had to intercept Wednesday morning at 6:30 a young motorist captured while he was traveling more than 110 km / h in the area of ​​50, on the way to the station, Compton. The offender, a 19-year-old Compton resident, was issued with a statement of offense of $ 1,223 and 14 demerit points.

Then at about 11:00 am, another motorist was picked up traveling at high speed, this time at over 115 km / h in the 50 zone on Moe’s River Road. The 41-year-old Compton resident received a finding of $ 1,298 and 14 demerit points for this offense.

$ 3000

A fine of nearly $ 3,000 was given to a young driver who was driving the crate, 50 km / h more than the limit of 90 km / h.

At around 5 pm on Tuesday, a patrol officer from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) picked up a 19-year-old motorist who was driving on Route 116 in Melbourne, more than 140 km / h, Aurélie Guindon, spokesman for the SQ in Estrie.

“The offender, rather than come to a stop when the police activated the lights of the patrol car, continued on his way, accelerating,” she says.

Stuck in Durham South

“He was finally intercepted further in Durham South, when he found himself stuck behind a heavy vehicle. ”

The driver, a young man from Wickham, was arrested for dangerous driving and flight. In addition, the madman was driving while his probationary license was sanctioned, adds Ms. Guindon.

“The police proceeded to the seizure of his vehicle and several notices of offense were served on him for a total fine of nearly $ 3,000 and 31 demerit points. ”

“The young man will also have to go to the courthouse at a later date to be charged with flight and dangerous driving. ”

These events occurred a few days after an unusual interception on Highway 55 in Magog. It should be remembered that on Saturday, a policewoman from the SQ highway had intercepted an elderly man who was riding a scooter in a southerly direction at the edge of the expressway.

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