Severe thunderstorm watch in effect in Quebec

Veille d'orages violents en vigueur au Québec

The violent storms could hit on Wednesday after-noon and tonight on several regions of Québec, including Montréal and Québec city.

This is what is know Environment Canada meteorologists, in the late morning. Alerts are also in force in the Estrie, Mauricie, Outaouais and the Saguenay, but also in the Lanaudière region and the Laurentides.

“The conditions are conducive to the formation of thunderstorms, dangerous and able to produce strong gusts, and hail of large size. Boaters may be surprised by strong gusts on the water”, one can read on the government site.

Environment Canada has also taken the opportunity to remember that lightning kills and injures Canadians each year. “Remember: when thunder roars, go indoors to the inside!” has been provided.

In Montreal, the meteorologists predict a 60% chance of showers in the evening into the night as well as winds from the south-west at 20 km/h becoming light later in the evening.

In Quebec, they rely on a 40% chance of showers with fog during the night.

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