Sex and the City: Surprising facts about the cult series celebrating its 25th anniversary

Sex and the City: surprising facts about the cult series that celebrates ber its 25 years


Did you know that the heroine of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, could have been played by another actress? Which famous actor had been tipped to be Mr. Big? How much was the Versace dress that we saw Carrie in Paris worth? Here are 13 fun facts, from Woman&Home magazine, about the cult series which celebrates its 25th anniversary this week.&nbsp ;

Sarah Jessica Parker almost turned down the role of Carrie

The actress wanted focus on his film career. It was only because the series was filmed in New York and was only supposed to be 12 episodes that she accepted the role.

Mr. Big was only to be a guest performer

Hey yeah, Carrie's big love was only to be on the show a few times. Christ Noth is said to have “become the character” so much that the creators took to writing for him.

About the famous pink tutu by Carrie…

In addition to costing only $5 in a thrift store, the pink tutu-skirt from the intro scene of each episode was almost eclipsed by a blue Marc Jacob dress, a replacement shot had been shot with it. ci. 

Kim Cattrall and her high heels

The interpreter of Samantha Jones insisted on wearing high heels even when the scenes only showed her face. She explained that the shoes made her feel even more like Samantha.

First Emmy

Sex and the Citywas the first series shown on cable to carry an Emmy. The one from the Outstanding Comedy Series

Steve and Miranda

Like Mr. Big and Carrie, Steve and Miranda were only meant to last a few episodes. Three, to be exact. The chemistry between the two actors decided otherwise. 

Guest artists

Some of the most notorious guest artists over the six seasons include Bradley Cooper, Justin Theroux (former husband of Jennifer Aniston) and even… Donald Trump. 


The interpreter of Charlotte York, Kristin Davis, also auditioned for the role of Carrie. 

No nudity for Carrie

Sarah Jessica Parker had a non-nudity clause in her contract. That's why we see the other characters naked, but Carrie is still wearing underwear.

Another actor for Mr. Big

Actor Alec Baldwin was reportedly the first choice to play Mr. Big. 

Only $60,000

< p>The best-selling Sex and the City author, Candice Bushnell, reportedly made just $60,000 from the sale of the television rights to her novel. 

Carrie's famous Versace dress is worth $80,000

The huge Versace mille-feuille dress worn by Carrie in Paris, in the episode of season 6, is worth the modest sum of $80,000. It took six people to help Sarah Jessica Parker walk in this collectible piece. 

To mark the 25th anniversary of the series, three of the main actresses shared posts on their networks social.

Sarah Jessica Parker unveiled a photo of the famous necklace in Carrie's name with the caption “It's our silver anniversary, but the memories will always be golden”. Cynthia Nixon shared before and now snaps of Miranda, and Kristin Davis shared the show's first season trailer describing herself as “the luckiest person in the world to be a part of this story connecting so many people.” together. »


– The first episode of season 2 of And Just Like That, the sequel to Sex and the City, will air next June 22.