Sex and the City | The big comeback (without Samantha)

Sex and the City |  The big comeback (without Samantha)

More than twenty years, two films and six seasons later, the most fabulous New York girlfriends on the small screen officially announce their comeback. A Cosmopolitan to celebrate (or not!), Anyone?

The news broke Sunday night: the filming of the new season of Sex and the City (SATC), And Just Like That, expected sequel to the cult series, this time recounting the ups and downs of life no longer at 30, but at 50, will begin in the spring.

At the end of the line, Sarah-Maude Beauchesne (author and screenwriter, to whom we owe in particular the webseries Fork) does not hide his joy. Let’s say that in the ambient gray, the news (festive, offering a hint of escape) is obviously timely for some. ” I am glad ! she says straight away. It will do good ! I don’t care about anything negative! I am very nervous! »Fan in front of the Eternal (her cell phone rings again and again to the rhythm of the credits of the original series, that is to say!), She confirms to retype the integral created by Darren Star (and based on the eponymous book by Candace Bushnell ) six seasons at least once a year. “This is my eternal comfort! ”

Because :

It is one of the rare television series that talks about women who have stood the test of time! And there who will talk about women in their fifties. I am very happy to see a series that gives voice to women who are aging!

Sarah-Maude Beauchesne, author

With all the social, friendly, romantic and, of course, sexual issues that are required.

The rumor of a sequel (awaited for years by the most finished fans) was confirmed on Sunday evening. On Instagram, Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie for close friends) notably posted this “teaser” (forgive the expression), a polished video, shot at the SATC, with skyscrapers, bridges and horns typical of the city that never sleeps. As a wink, she wrote as a bonus, in her no less typical pen: “I couldn’t help but wonder… where are they now? (“I couldn’t help but wonder, where are they now?). In the background, and to the sound of his keyboard, we can guess his voice confirming: “and just like that… the story continues” (free translation: et voila, the story continues). HBO Max, which will broadcast this sequel, confirmed the news by press release a few moments and how many virtual cries of joy later (it must be said that the star has more than 6 million loyal subscribers). The shooting of 10 episodes of 30 minutes is due to begin in the spring, in New York (it goes without saying). How, in the circumstances that we know? History does not say it (yet).

A “half-series”?

What we do know, however, is that Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis (Charlotte) and Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) will be back for their traditional Sunday brunches (we don’t see how it could be otherwise) , as a bonus as co-producers (alongside Michael Patrick King, screenwriter, director and producer of several episodes from previous seasons).

The big mystery: what will happen to the character of Samantha (Kim Cattrall)? The fourth and no less flamboyant girlfriend (a liberated woman working in advertising, how can I forget her?) Has never hidden her friction (the word is weak) with the team in general, and Sarah Jessica Parker in particular. The actress has drawn a line from the series. Didn’t want to hear about it anymore. And she’s not part of the cast either, it’s official. But what will happen to his character? Speculations are rife: dead (too hard for a light series above all)? Expatriate (say to work in Europe)? Or evaporated on a luxurious yacht with her Big to her (why not, speculates the Vanity Fair)? For her part, Sarah-Maude Beauchesne takes it with philosophy. “I don’t want to see her if she doesn’t want to be there,” she said. The simple fact of having Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda for 10 episodes is already en masse! ”

Still. This is not the opinion of all. Alexandra Diaz (“very, very fan”), while welcoming the return of these older women (“it’s a statement important feminist “), remains” dubious “.

I am very sad that she does not come back. He was the most interesting character. A woman who assumed a lot, the most irreverent of the gang. It was through her that the humor passed. I don’t know how relevant this is going to be without Samantha.

Alexandra Diaz, journalist and host

Several echo him on social networks. “It’s like bringing back Friends without Jennifer Aniston ”, or“ Destiny’s Child without Beyoncé ”, we can read, among other disappointments. It’s that for many fans, SATC without Samantha, it’s just not anymore SATC. “Samantha, it wasn’t my favorite character at the time, but it was the most complex, richest character. If it is not there, it is a semi-series ”, denounces in turn Marie-France Bazzo. However, even if the host and producer “completely adored” this series (and we remember it!), She does not await this sequel with great enthusiasm.

However, even if the host and producer “completely adored” this series (and we remember it!), She does not await this sequel with great enthusiasm.

“I don’t know if this is good news,” she said. I am completely mixed! “Of course, it is not uninteresting to hear 50-year-old women on the small screen (” a bit like you hear men in Guys at Radio-Canada ”), but is it absolutely necessary in this case? ” No ! He is a generational icon. You must not touch that! “An icon well anchored in time, which has not exactly aged well, it should be remembered.

White women, financially comfortable, focused on their neuroses, not at all open to the rest of the universe, this is no longer possible today!

Marie-France Bazzo

And making them more empathetic and open to the world would be “distorting” the series, she slices. “It doesn’t tempt me to see how these girls have aged, and I don’t think they have aged well…”

Ultimate, and not the least, question that arises (and we are not talking here about whether Big and Carrie are still together, though …): what will happen here with the pandemic? Should we completely disregard it (please, yes, some would say), or would it be an insult to a city that has suffered so much (and it is not over)? The bets have been made. To be continued, of course.

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