Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll


Don't adjust your TV: it's an actress – Lily James – who plays Pamela Anderson in the new series Pam and Tommy< /em>, dedicated to the famous sextape of the American couple. The resemblance is so striking that it blurs the line between fact and fiction. 

The cast of Pam and Tommycaused a lot of ink to flow when it was announced last year. Even more to the broadcast of the first images of Lily James and Sebastian Stan, transformed into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, which spread on the web like wildfire. 

And for good reason. Because yes, the actors are absolutely unrecognizable. It is especially difficult to recognize Lily James (Cinderella, Mamma Mia! Here we go again) under the makeup and the generous chest of the former American playmate. The illusion is as perfect as it is stunning. 

The story also caused a stir in the mid-1990s when an explicit video of the lovemaking between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee began to circulate illegally. We all know, at the very least, the broad lines, from the theft of said video to the legal repercussions of its dissemination without the authorization of its protagonists. 

Lily James

No white gloves

We are now exploring the underside of this sex scandal with Pam and Tommy. Relayed by Hulu to our neighbors to the South, the American series will be available here via the Disney+ platform from next week. 

Yes, you read that right: Disney+. But beware ; the story – scabrious as one could – has in no way been watered down to please its Canadian broadcaster. The language is raw and vulgar, and the frontal nudity… in every sense of the word. In short, we don't do lace, far from it. 

Facts are, of course, romanticized here and there in the name of entertainment. Still, fans will recognize some key moments in Pamela Anderson's personal and professional life: her entry into the Playboy mansion, her disappointments on the set of Baywatch and the monumental flop of Barb Wire, among others. 

Nothing too rosy, then. In fact, it is a Pamela Anderson who gradually loses the illusions of her American dream that we follow over the course of eight episodes. It was also feared that Pam and Tommy would be overly touted, even vulgar. But no. 

Certainly, it is sometimes saucy – there is no escaping it –, but we remain within the confines of good taste. We therefore obviously come out of it entertained, but above all with a renewed (or rediscovered, it depends) respect for this resilient woman, eternal icon of an entire generation. 

The first three Episodes of Pam and Tommy will be available on Disney+ starting February 2. The others will follow at the rate of one episode per week.

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