Sex Education season 2 : Maeve and Otis as a couple ? Asa Butterfield gives clues

Sex Education saison 2 : Maeve et Otis en couple ? Asa Butterfield donne des indices

Sex Education season 2 : Maeve and Otis are they going to put in a couple ?

J-4 before the arrival of season 2 of Sex Education on Netflix ! Like us, you surely look forward to find students of Moordale for new episodes, we hope to always be as crazy ! But this second season will see the couple Maeve/Otis form ? Asa Butterfield, who plays the ado, gives clues. Warning, this article may contain spoilers.

A year after season 1, Sex Education is back on Netflix. Season 2 of the series comprises 8 episodes (like the first), who all arrive on the 17th of January on the platform. The trailer teasait the relationship of Otis and Ola, a new love triangle for Eric, but also the relationship between Maeve and Otis. At the end of season 1, Maeve (Emma Mackey) is separated from Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) as she had feelings for Otis (Asa Butterfield), but the latter began a relationship with Ola (Patricia Allison). Season 2 will it be good for the two teens ?

Asa Butterfield gives clues about the couple Maeve/Otis

To have the definitive answer (well, hopefully), it will still have to wait a few days. But Asa Butterfield, for his part, has given clues about the duo in an interview for TVGuide. “Otis loves Maeve. He still has feelings for her. They have a connection. They include the one and the other in a unique way and we will see how the feelings of Maeve to Otis to grow up. It is a slow-growing,” says the actor. So, will there be the two characters as a couple in season 2 of Sex Education ? “It seems to maybe possibly go in this direction, “explained the actor, who adds : “The people hope that they get together, I hope so too, but the writers surprise me always. As it lasts, they are destined to be together… well, they are teens, “recalled the star. A vision of things different from that of Emma Mackey, who had confided, that it was not necessarily for the couple Otis/Maeve.

Ola will get closer to another character

In this interview from TVGuide, that took place on the filming of season 2, we also learn that Ola is going to get closer to another character, Otis. And not that friendly. “His friendship with Lily will become something else. Ola is not afraid to explore. She thinks very well know, but this is not the case,” assured Patricia Allison, who plays the character.

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